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The Connection

by Karen Adragna Walsh

article selected to appear in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic.

Chicken Soup for the Soul : Living Catholic Faith 101 Stories to Offer Hope, Deepen Faith, and Spread Love This is Chicken Soup for the Soul’s first book written just for Catholics, and it is sure to please all Catholics, from the once-a-year attendee at Christmas Mass, to the devout church volunteer and daily worshipper. With 101 poignant and spirit-filled stories written by Catholics of all ages, this book covers the gamut, including fun stories about growing up Catholic to serious stories about sacraments and miracles. Whether the reader is a cradle Catholic, a convert, simply curious or struggling, these stories describe what it means to be a Catholic. They bring happiness, hope, and healing to everyone in all stages of life and faith. On Sale Date: 12/23/08

Good Crazy
essays of a mad housewife

Karen Adragna Walsh

"Karen Adragna Walsh takes the ordinary threads of everyday life and weaves them into a picture that makes people laugh."—Gerald Goldberg, managing editor, Buffalo News.

"Karen Adragna Walsh’s observations of modern-day life are delightful excursions into the absurd—frequently touching, often hilarious, and always entertaining."—Pauline Bartel, author of Spellcasters: Witches & Witchcraft in History, Folklore & Popular Culture.

There’s a bit of Karen in each of us. Capture the fun in seeing yourself in print as she twists and turns the nuisances of family life into laughable prose.

Have you ever?

Read to make sure!

Excerpt from book: "My husband isn’t particularly pet friendly and I attribute this to the fact that as a child, he never had a dog. Years ago, when I brought home a parakeet for my daughter, he took one look at the bird and asked, How long do they live?"


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