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All Saints Day

This day celebrates the victory of the Saints over evil. In the church I go to All Saints Day celebrates the saints that have gone to heaven ahead of us. At a previous church, Many pastors ago, I was taught All Saints Day came directly after Halloween to celebrate God's final victory over evil.

In the end God prevails. Below are stories, links and Bible passages about the never ending spiritual war against darkness and deliverance from evil.


Do you believe that there is only one God? Good! The demons also believe---and tremble with fear.

James 2:19 (GNB)

The Twin Tower Attack link   At first I thought the attack on the World Trade Center was the stuff that Halloween is made from - - a trumpet call to following Jesus.
Fighting Evil link   Instructions from the Bible on how to fight evil which is the sequel to something the prophet Isaiah wrote.
Fight like an angel link   The names have been omitted as not to judge the innocent. Scary--a Twilight Zone moment. Hopefully, this story sheds practical insight to spiritual warfare.
Fighting Demons link   A e-mail reprint of a modern day parable about having conviction in Jesus--Author Unknown

The Good Guys verses the Bad Guys

Demons and angels are the same classification of creature just as Saint Teresa and Hitler were both from the same classification known as humans. Angels are creatures of light. A demon is an empty shell of darkness.

The Fall of Satan Smattering's excerpts from the Bible on Satan and his demons. To get a feel of the raging war the efforts of angels fighting for Christ are hidden mist of reports from enemy lines. Click on the pictures on the top of web pages to find the story of the opposition initiated from the forces of goodness.

About angels

Angels, archangels, and divine messengers some observations and what we can learn from their actions.

about demons

Occult Bondage Definitions and Solutions outlines symptoms of demonic possession as outlined in the Bible.

Halloween in Light of Scripture Some good info on demons, occult and witchcraft, life after death, spiritual warfare, and deliverance. Though I grew up with the tradition that the purpose of Halloween is to scare away demons to make way for the saints.

and about spiritual warfare

Bible Teaching in topical subjects has plenty of info on Spiritual Warfare.

ExWitch Ministries Articles by ex-witches answering questions on "Why Christ?"

How you can help in the battle if you choose the side of God, followed by victory songs of Zion linkVictory from the last song of Zion link

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; they who dwell in the land of the shadow of death, on them the light has shined."

Isaiah 2:9 (MKJV)

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