Links That Do Not Go Anywhere

Now that I have a software program that will check my links while I am reading my e-mail, I check for broken links and moved pages occasionally.

The webpages are updated accordingly.

Sometimes so many people have changed the address of their website on the same day, I do not not get to them as fast as I would like to.

If there is a link that has been bad for more than a week, e-mail me, that means I see it in my link checker but can not figure out on which page the bad link is on.

I check for link content change periodically. This includes checking out the links of the page I have linked to, and reading the page over to see if it still has the information that I thought was worth linking to in the first place.

An irrelevant page is when the page contents that I linked to, no longer match the description that wrote on my webpage.

Some examples:

You find out that the freeware version no longer exists. It is now shareware.

The freeware became freemium and the limited version of software was too limited.

Your site use to link to freeware and free open source software but much it changed but your site still links to sites that changed their software licences as they upgraded their software.

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