A sign of Spring

Birds of Spring

The Canadian Goose

The pussy willows come out. We start searching the tree tops for signs of Spring.
The first sign is the the return of the male redwing blackbird, followed by geese, swans ducks and bluebirds.
Watching for the return of the birds: The first is the redwing blackbird. For more information click on this picture.
The robin is one of the last birds of it's type to return. Flocks return about a week before the female redwings look over their prospects for a mate.
The swamp still has traces of snow, and theres a robin!
Traces of snow still linger in the swamps.
Spring is here with the return of the Canadian Geese.
The Canadian Geese return in search of open water.
For more about Geese click on this picture.

Photographs by Cynthia Willerth ©2001


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