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A Western, New York Cookbook
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Farm Stirred Recipes
A Western New York cookbook

  • Appetizers to soups, salads, main dishes, breads and desserts.

  • Vegetable, meats, cheese and egg recipes from the market to your kitchen with a little help from your supermarket.

  • A fine collection of over 600 recipes, history and food quotes from literature by Ruth Willerth

  • Book: non-fiction cookbook paperback | Price: $14.99 US/$15.99 Canada | 391 pages |ISBN 9 780980 013046 | May-2014| Willerth

  • Farm Stirred Recipes e-book: Kindle ISBN 9780980013054
Farm Stirred Recipes

Tell a freind Knife of Truth book number 3's release date is 2019.


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