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Good Crazy

Karen Adragna Walsh

Good Crazy is a collection essays of a mad housewife by Karen Adragna Walsh. First published in the Buffalo News.

Click on author's website for ordering info.

Good and Crazy Website

  • Book:Humor / Paperback | Price: $9.95 US | 54 pages | ISBN 0-595-37931-1 | Feb-2006 | Walsh
  • Funny
  • Down to earth
  • Light reading for those moments when you need a laugh but lack the time to watch a half-hour sitcom.

A Matter Of Honor

Cynthia Willerth

A Matter of Hononr: Available at, BookSurge,, Barnes& or order your copy from your local favorite bookstore.

  • Book:Sci-fi Paperback | Price: $13.99 US/$14.95 Canada | 336 pages | ISBN 9 780980 013009 | Sept-2008 | Willerth
  • The first link in the Knife of Truth saga.
  • Fear, hopes romance, death, deceit, broken taboos, clash. Honor divides freinds and enemies.
  • Clinging to honor is all they have left.

Road to Megara

Cynthia Willerth

  • Book:Sci-fi Paperback | Price: $14.99 US/$15.99 Canada | 320 pages | ISBN 9 780980 013016 | April-2011 | Willerth
  • The second link in the Knife of Truth saga.

Tell a freind Knife of Truth book number 3's release date is 2015.


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