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Cynthia Willerth author of Knife of Truth series.

Cynthia Willerth


Cynthia Willerth wrote short stories, plays, editing newsletters, for years. The First Kite and Sarah's Strays are two of her children stories. "A Matter of Honor" is her debut novel in her "Knife of Truth" series. Her series grew from her love of horse stories, historical novels, fantasy and science-fiction. Born in Jamestown, NY, she studied Art Education in Buffalo State Teachers College, married, and raised a family in Western, NY. She produced 20 successful Christmas variety shows put on by Sumner Love-Joy Methodist Church Youth. Cynthia Willerth teamed up with her daughter Ruth Willerth in co-editing Northside Writers' 2007 edition of "Over Coffee". Cynthia authored SmatteringsBooks first local history title, "Building a Foundation"; a church history commemorating Alden United Methodist Church's 250 plus birthday celebration, which was handed out freely to guests at the 2007 event. As historian for Alden United Methodist Church which closed May 2014, she compiled their history which she was just finishing before she died. Cynthia Willerth did nature and history slide shows for scouts, the Alden UMW's Spring Fling and a WAG program a month before she died.

Knife of Truth Series

  • A Matter Of Honor 2008

  • Road to Megara 2011

  • Cynthia Willerth died before completing her sci-fi series. Her daughter, Ruth Willerth, who worked closely with her on her book project plans on finishing the next two books to complete the series.

    • Books 3 and 4 are still in the works.

Knife of Truth book number 3 and 4 release dates were 2016, but her daughter, Ruth Willerth had health problems and struggles to complete her mother's series. 2017 neck surgery allowed Ruth to be able to type again. Cynthia started writing "The Knife of Truth" while during her children's nap time on a manual typewriter. As a memorial to Cynthia Willerth the last two books will be released.

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