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Thank you for considering to publish your book with us.

SmatteringsBooks now accepts fiction and non-fiction submissions from Northside Writers. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept unsolicited manuscript submissions from elsewhere as we are a small publishing company.

We publish book titles by Western NY authors who have wrote, critiqued, and discussed their novels with a variety of WNY writers via the Northside Writers group and then rushes home and revises their copy to bring their material back and revise some more until their work reeks of a great 336 page book awaiting a 8.5x5.5 paperback cover and popular eBook releases of the same title.

SmatteringsBooks is a small press. We ask that the author front the money for about 50 POD books to sell locally and mail out for review, and whatever Uncle Sam is charging for copyright. SmatteringsBooks collects a 10% royalty after the book title makes back the amount of money the author paid upfront. That leaves 90% royalty of what's leftover after each book seller gets their slice. SmatteringsBooks takes care of the usual small press duties, book layout, cover, printing, e-book publishing, and book promotion. We insist on working closely with our authors throughout the publishing process.

If your book is accepted we will have you fill out all the necessary forms.

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Attention Western New York authors:

At SmatteringsBooks we know the best kept secret in the are is how many authors live and compose in the Buffalo area. We plan to release 2 non-fiction books and the 3rd book in the Knife of Truth series by 2013. If you want to add your book to Western NY Authors at SmatteringsBooks listings. Give us the info on your book along with $20.00 to process yor request. We will then link to your webpage to your website or listing at

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Faithtruly user page from ISDB Knife of Truth A Matter of Honor and Road to Megara lists our blogsite among other great writers.


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Tell a freind Knife of Truth book number 3's release date is 2015.


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