And the lord shall deliver me from every evil work. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity,

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I Can Bring You Out: An E-mail Re-print

Author Unknown

Many times in life we struggle with our past and fail to walk in our potential future. Let me make a profound statement....

Your past has nothing to do with what God can do for your future! God says "In spite of what you used to be or have experienced, I CAN STILL BRING YOU OUT! I know that you use to be a dog, but I can bring you out!!

I know that you slept with half the football team, but I can bring you out!

I know that you have bad credit and now you want a house, I can still bring you out!

I know they call you by your problem and not your name ---,I can still bring you out!

There is no past too troubled and no person that God can't redeem.

He took a murderer name Moses and made him a prophet.

He took a pimp name Abram and made him the father of many nations. (If you wonder why I call him that, go back to Genesis and see how many times he sold his wife off for possession because he was afraid of being killed.)

He took a liar and cheat named Jacob and made him a prince named Israel and blessed his seed...

He took a prostitute named Rahad, called her blessed and changed her profession!

He took a Christian hater name Saul and made him a great apostle,Paul.

I could go on and on. If God used those people, he can use you. So what, you've had a bad past? That is the problem! --- you keep living in the past. God wants to bring you into the present and develop you a great future!

He says it best in 2 Cor. 5:17, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old one has gone, the new has come!"

Hold on my brothers and sisters, your change is coming. No more low self esteem! No more worries about your credit history! No more worries about whether he is going to pay child support or not! If you fix your mind on the Lord, He'll make that joker pay you child support and back pay. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

Do you realize that most people have lost their mind over what we survived? We made it through! Sometimes we need to just thank God for survival. Oh, you don't hear me! We are looking for the big testimony, but the true testimony is your spouse cheated on and left you, but you survived it.

You thought you would be on Prozac the rest of your life, but God healed your wounds. We are survivors. Stop right where you are, stand up and give yourself a high-five because you made it.

Now look at your co-worker and say "I made it!" They may not understand, but you know what time it is! Stop trying to make people understand you and praise God anyhow! Baby, after all you went through and you're still serving the Lord....

You are a survivor. I thank God for being a survivor! God brought you out. The truth be told, you had suicidal thoughts about the problems, but God brought you out. I believe I got a few witnesses.

Most people could not go through what you have been through and make it. Others have given up on life and are homeless, but God brought you out, so that He can bring you into the joy of life!

In the Graveyard are Dreams Deferred... There are paintings not painted, songs not sung, buildings not built, goals not reached, callings not answered. Will you go through this life and never answer you calling?

Oh, I feel like preaching, but I better not. Oh, forget it, I am going to preach it. Repeat after me....

"God has brought me out for a reason. I survived because he has a plan for me.

All my bad relationships, all the suicidal thoughts; the bad credit, the repossessions, the death of my loved ones, the back stabbings from my friends, the negative thoughts, the lack of support.

I made it because I am blessed! I release and let go of all past hurts, misunderstandings and grudges because I am blessed! I recognize them as the illusions they are, for GOD is all there is. All else is a lie!

Now give yourself a hug, wipe your tears.

And walk in the victory!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you, but more appropriately GOD loves you BEST! Be blessed and know that you are at one with THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD!

And may the Lord keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other. Genesis 31:49 Amen

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