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I Really Should Have Called It A Day.

"There is nothing more humbling than a computer." Irene Evans, Biology Professor at RIT

Replacing Deleted Shared Files

Sometimes it really is better to turn the darn thing off, and call it a day.

You deleted one of those shared files by accident. Windows will inform you of your error the next time you restart your computer. It will give an error message saying can not load such and such .dll. Reinstall the program that you recently deleted. After doing this restart your computer and see if the error message went away. If it did uninstall the program a second time. Be careful not to delete the shared file this time. You should be back in business. Hopefully....

"But, I threw away the disks or the CD that the program was on yesterday, and the garbage was picked up this morning." This has happened to me, more than once.

Always try to remember not to delete the zip file the program came from, if you are deleting a file that you downloaded from the internet.

Free File Recovery freeware downloadable at Major that lets you scan for deleted files and select the one's you want restored. Try running this software as near as you can to the date you accidentally deleted your files for the best results.

Replacing Deleted DLLs

DriversKit or DLL Files

Braving the Registry to Uninstall Software that Crashed Your System

Braving Registry Sometimes you can do a system restore and get your computer working. Other times restoring a backup copy of your Windows registry works. Sometimes you have to edit the to Registry. Back when Norton went from a wonderful file manager to a security tool, half the program did not uninstall. I think I was well versed in Windows 3.1 at the time. Back when I used Netscape I was in a state of panic whenever I had to reinstall Java. I was always sure at this point that I should have considered my program uninstalled when Add Remove Programs told me the program was uninstalled in the first place. I've updated my uninstalling instructions to doing it the same thing in Windows 10.

Aaaagh It's Not Working! The info below the Uninstalling Software in Windows 10 heading might be useful, if whatever your computer stopped doing happened after you installed or uninstalled a software program.

Many a brave soul quits at this point and learns to live with clicking on the OK button every time they start up their computer.

'Illegal Operation' or 'Page Fault' error and other cryptic messages

Ever get an 'Illegal Operation' or 'Page Fault' error message or some other cryptic message and wonder what it means? Below are free websites and a utility to charge to the rescue.

WinErrs is freeware utility containing a database of 1.554 Windows error codes and their definitions. These codes are extracted directly from Microsoft Windows and are their descriptions. the programmer's file and data format resource. Once in awhile it's useful to find out what program belongs to the file your looking at.

Sometimes it's easier to reformat your hard drive and reinstall your operating system

Make sure you own and can locate the box and the whatever Windows version your PC runs on, disks or USB drive with the product key

Fresh Windows Install Tips Instructions for setting up Windows on a clean install.

Upgrading your Windows PC is not an option anyone wants to hear, but sometimes bad things must be done. Computer parts are rarely backward compatible. Sometimes you can find a hard drive that still works with your motherboard. Always try reformatting your hard drive and doing a fresh install before taking such drastic measures as purchasing a new computer.

If you do actually have to purchase a new one, invest in the disks for whichever operating system is on the market. Stores like Best Buy, Sams, or Office Max usually carry the latest version. If you buy a computer with preinstalled Windows, the computer always comes with other software that does little. When you uninstall the garbage software that was preinstalled on your new computer, you violate the warranty. Hopefully you didn't pay extra for the warranty. If you take you computer bought from a store to a computer repair outlet, they will reinstall all the garbage that you never wanted on your computer.

When I could not get a new hard drive to work on a store bought computer, I paid the computer repair shop to get the PC working. When I got home since I own the operating system I reformatted the hard drive and do a fresh install. It seems wrong that after paying lots of money for an operating system, computer repair shops absolutely will not install for you. Well, I've always been told, if you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself.

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