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This is my total collection of personal clipart. The best clip art is in public domain--meaning feel free to use this as you like.

There are only so many family photos that work for the purpose of illustrating Smatterings.

The next option is to create my own. I have trouble drawing with a mouse. The picture on the right is the best I have done so far using MS Draw.

The next option is using someone else's artistic computer skills.

Question: So, where do you find good clip art? Answer: All over.

This is the same drawing. I changed the colors using Harms Graphic editor, so I changed the season.

The trick is to find the right picture that somehow illustrates the material on your page. If a web site has one thousand pictures, chances are that only one or two of them are what you had in mind for your web page.

I only found one link so far that had enough clip art links on it that I wanted to link to it from Smatterings. My computer crashed when I was on one of those pages that MS Explorer says "loaded but with errors." The link I saved was missing from my favorites list when the computer re-booted. If I find that site again, I'll be sure to post it.




Animals, holidays. teddy bears, borders and lines.

Animation Library - Over 4000 free animations!!! This is a site worth looking at.

Barrys Clip Art A huge directory with lots of free clip art.

Create FREE graphics at Flaming Text has a good clip art directory. Features an on-line tool for you to make animated graphic links for your web site. I used it to make the NEXT graphic link on the bottom of my Speculating Bible Prophecy page.

Microsoft is one of my favorite places to look for clipart.

WP Clipart A collection of Public Domain clipart.

Clip Art Searcher This page is similar to my search engine page. It combines the best search engines for finding clip art. Clip art searches are an easy way to find clip art in the desired subject area.


Inspirations link

The best Christian clip art links are posted on Smatterings Christian Inspiration page.


Search engine link

Typing the words "free clip art" into AOL, and Infoseek, each gave me two weeks of material to sort through. Ask Jeeves yielded another two weeks’ worth of material. Interesting enough the search engines results rarely repeated each other.

Everyone.nets search yielded a list of clip art that linked to yet another list of clip art. After two days of looking at lists of clip art lists, I gave up. search engine is no longer a part of Smatterings.


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