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Computers are a writer's best friend, and will leave you frantically looking for someone else, who owns a computer loaded with the same software that you have installed on your computer, when you count on them the most.

Our Wonderful 386 link Cynthia Willerth wrote about her experiences with our first computer.

History of the Internet is a short informational video posted on YouTube.


Making Technology Work for You

Internet Safety

Safe browsing is so important that this topic sits on the top of the page. Take care of protecting your system the first time you connect to the Internet. Read this section even if the only thing you ever write is an e-mail.

Protection Utilities page link Freeware computer protection programs, (better known as freeware anti-virus, adware or spyware programs) popup stoppers, firewalls and cookie control to make your time on the Internet a pleasant experience.
online wrier communities link Smatterings Online Communities: A guide to places to meet others with common interests- social sites for authors and readers.

Word Editors verses Book Publishing and Screenwriting Freeware

This a typewriter. People use to use them to write stories before computers. You invested in a computer so you could spend less time with white out, and rearranging your masterpiece with scissors and scotch tape.

Solve your computer woes, and return to more interesting challenges, like writing a story.

If you spend time writing short stories, poetry, articles, one act stage plays, or web pages, and you are reading this, you already own everything you may ever need to write. However, if you write novels, three act plays, screenplays, or newsletters, then you may be experiencing technical difficulties.

Word Processing Tips link Smatterings: Word Processing How-To & Freeware Alternatives page covers tips you may need when using Microsoft Word, Word Perfect or Open Office. Reviews and links for freeware and free Open Source word processing alternatives that I've used or tried to use to write a novel.

If you had trouble finding a reasonable answer to your situation in Smatterings: Word Processing How-To section, perhaps you do not have the right tool for the job. Adding a template often helps. Other times, a dedicated editor is just the thing.

Choosing the Right Software Format solutions for writing movies, stage plays, templates for submissions to editors, posters and brochures, newsletters, poetry books, print ready novels and nonfiction books. Includes free software that works with your word processors; free Word and Open Office add-ons, and templates, scriptwriting freeware, desktop publishing, and LaTeX editors.

Writer Editors Poetry, novel and short story editors.

Writer's Block?

Writer's Block link Smatterings: Writer Block? page contains links and programs to relieve authors from the dreaded writers block. Poetry, pose and writing exercises. Journals and note organization freeware to sort it all out afterwards.

Research Using Searchable Documents

Researching Bibles on the Internet Link A guide on getting results; plus Biblical researching links, freeware bible study tools and freeware to help cite your sources.

Picture of William Shakespeare Shakespeare's signature

Once you master a concept, you can apply it anywhere. Try searching something written by Shakespeare. Here are some more searchable references; including the Bible, Shakespeare, quotations, dictionaries, and poetry.


Writing Web Pages

Web Page Authoring Link Smatterings Webpage Authoring section gives a step by step approach. This is the story of how this website was created: The best HTML and CSS how-to links, free software I used to make this web site, free music, clipart, backgrounds, and special effects. I like when a story has a happy ending.
Webpage Authoring Tools HTML editors, WYSIWYG HTML Freeware Editors, HTML converters, graphic freeware link, email cloaker, and Blogging platforms for creating websites. Free tools for finding broken links for maintaining web pages.

Search the Web

Using Search Engines link The truth is out there. Pulling info off the web, a history of webrings, Christian and General directories and related freeware utilities.

Pages that contain a long list of links to other sites on the web often have exactly the information you are interested in.



Online resources and educational freeware link Smatterings Information Zone: Often the link page has what you wanted, if the page the search engine directed you to did not. This page features libraries, newspapers, encyclopedias, general writing research, history and government links and educational freeware.
Free online, open source and freeware dictionaries and thesaurus links Free online, and free desktop English dictionaries and thesaurus.
Free online, open source and freeware tools to help write bibliographies Free online, open source and freeware tools to help write bibliographies in the correct format to credit online and offline references.

Oh, No! Something's Wrong with the Computer.

Aaaagh Its Not Working Link To see all of the answers to the problems I have encountered take a gander at my Aaaagh It's Not Working page. Includes cats, keyboards and printing. If it gets too technical then call your local tech person. Where I live, I am that local tech person.

Computer Hope free online computer support and computer related information.

Microsoft Fixit Microsoft help for setting up everything from printers to network connections to Media Player. Requires JavaScript to be on or to use their site.

Kidtastic The City Computer Center Help in using Windows and Macs like How do I turn it off?

WebWise Ask Bruc! Help from BBC for Internet newbies. Covers downloading, browsing the web, E-Mail, Chat, Message Boards... You'll soon be an expert on the Net.

Upgrading Your Computer link Like many other computer users, your first computer might not be the computer you really wanted. The computer you really desire in the advertisement promises everything you dreamed. Now you have a choice: Do I upgrade the computer I own, or do I save my money and invest in a new one? Can I fix my problem by simply upgrading a driver or two?

Final Writing Stages

Polishing Your Work Link Your computer works. You mastered your word processor. The tricks and tips change to a demanding market; including online links and free editing tools to teach and polish writing, word choice spelling, grammar and structure.

Anything I've written for my site is rewritten and tailored differently, and read by friends and rewritten before I send it to a publisher in another market like a magazine.

E-pub Book Creation E-Book and print ready book publishing freeware for making high quality books for small press book publishers or authors who elect to self publish e-books for Kindle and other popular e-book formats. Includes free PDF utilities to help no matter which software solution chosen.
Publisher Markets Link The best jewel you ever wrote has been, rewritten, read by friends, line edited and rewritten. You are ready to start looking for a publisher. Free data based programs to keep track of where you sent what, queries, proposals, writer markets and self-publishing.

Freeware Sites

Freeware links Still struggling to find exactly the right software? Read Smatterings Freeware links. Lists the best collections of freeware found on the Internet.

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