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Copyright Issues

This page addresses legal things you need know if you are selecting your script from a private source other than a publishing company or are putting together some sort of variety show in the United States.

Using someone else's work

What you learned in college may no longer be true.

Copyright and Fairuse

Primary materials, current legislation, cases and issues from Stanford University libraries.

Copyright and IP

Primary materials, current legislation, cases and issues from the Association of Research Libraries.


A dictionary to help translate some of the terms used in the above links by

Secure the permission to use someone's work first.

Self published internet authors

Experts from popular shows

10 Big Myths about Copyright

Answering common myths about copyright.

Or...Use original material that you the author has wrote.

Or...Use material that is in public domain.

Public Domain

This is a page with a collection of links to help define and locate public domain material.

Disclaimer: This copyright information does not constitute legal advice. Specific questions about how copyright law applies to individual instructional or research use of copyrighted material should be referred to a lawyer.

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