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Please enjoy SmatteringsBooks freebies. Screen Creator Deluxe commercial software (2001 ediition) was used to create these free screen savers for your entertainment. A freeware program Photobie gave me the windows program to capture the screenshot.

Spyware free. No extra programs have been added.

Free Screensaver

A Knife of Truth, A Matter of Honor screensaver Windows setup file. 274 KB Created and tested on WIN 7 7/31/11 Tested on win xp 8/9/2011.

     A Matter of Honor screensaver screen shot


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Distributed under an AS IS Basis. Please tell me if it worked well on your computer but if it was a complete diaster I really don't want to know because I lack the expertise to alter software but I posted directions on how to remove a program if Windows installer fails you like it has me more than a few times. The install program installs the freescreen saver to your Windows directory.


Preview each first chapter from the Knife of Truth series.

requires A PDF Reader installed on your computer. Scroll down to PDF Files Freeware heading on Authorware page.

A Matter of Honor  Chapter 1 pdf from Knife of Truth, A Matter of Honor by Cynthia Willerth

Road to Megara  Chapter 1 pdf from Knife of Truth, Road to Megara by Cynthia Willerth



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