Freeware: Why Use It?

Low income freeware user link A Matter of Economics written from a lower income users point of view.


A Note About Freeware Freeware from a programmer's point of view.

Writer Freeware Reviews

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Information freeware, clipboard utility, favorites cleaner, ad blocking freeware, dictionary, and thesaurus. HTML, graphics, downloading, uploading, email adress cloaking and PDF converters freeware. Virus Protection, spyware protection, firewall, cookie management, e-mail cleaner, and pop up stopper. Freeware to cure writer's block and organize your thoughts, brainstorming, notes and journals.
freeware registry cleaners. Free JavaScripts Free Bible study tools. freeware dictionarys, thesaurus, and data bases for tracking writing,
 word templates for movie and tv scripts, stand alone script writing freeware, desktop publishing and print rulers. Desktop themes for win95 Plus, win 98, win xp. Free Christian ClipArt and midi files. System, memory, and printing utilities. Autofill freeware, and spell checkers for filling in boxes; Tidy Spell, Clip Board Magic...
educational freeware, online resources

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