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The Best Freeware & Free Open Source Software

Links to websites that have lots of freeware links. The rewards of one well-written freeware program is priceless.


Tried, True and Trusted. This top list is exclusively freeware.

Caiman Games Awesome freeware titles-- obtained some excellent versions of the arcade game Breakout

File River a Windows freeware site. - Thousands of Free Software Downloads. Updated Daily! Site hosts a massive freeware collection stocked with prime tested freeware. Thousands of Free Software Downloads. Updated daily.

Freeware Guide link Freeware guide is an alphabetical directory of freeware sites and a big collection of quality freeware.

Freeware Home A fine collection of free software and Internet services. Rating system so you can vote on your favorite freeware program.

Fosshub No adware, no spyware, no bundles, no malware, fast downloads, free services and a single ad.

Pendriveapps Reviewed and categorized free portable software, freeware, and Open Source applications that can be stored and run directly from a USB Flash drive. Their goal is to centralize the knowledge and development of portable software efforts and build a single, open platform which any software or hardware developer can use.

The Portable Freeware Collection freeware that runs without installation, on a USB drive, runs on old systems as well as newer ones and leaves no traces on a computer on removal.

Freeware, Freemin and Shareware Sites

Well marked combos, so it is easy to tell what is actually free. Free audio, graphics, dvd, media and video software. Codecs, tools and guides. Be sure to change Sort by: Newest to Sort by: Freeware.

Filehorse Fast & Simple Way to Download Free Software for Windows. Clear labeling whether the software is freeware or a demo.

Freeware Seek only have to adjust the filter for freeware once.

Lo4d Tests for malware and ad based installers.

Major Geeks Great for system utilities.

SnapFiles Good place to find web authoring and graphics freeware.

Open Source

Free software written by a community of programmers. When the code is written, another interested programmer can work on it and improve the software. As a user. I search for "mature" programs because I want them to work without a bug.

Sourceforge the hub of open license software.


Even highly recommended software may fall short of your expectations, or worse yet not work at all on your computer. After downloading, and installing the software, you may wish to follow the instructions on Smatterings Uninstalling Software in the Aaahgg It's Not Working section.

Unchecky is a freeware utility that warns you and eliminates unwanted software packaged with the free software you actually want. If there is a link on this site to ad ridden utility, it happened after I happily loaded and used the utility for awhile. If it's something I counted on, but no one else makes a free version that does the same thing, a warning message is added next to the link. Unchecky helps save you from that flavor of adware.

Freeware: Why Use It? link Read Smatterings Freeware: Why Use It? and links to freeware reviews, to squelch doubts about utilizing freeware yourself. The Smatterings freeware directory is located on the bottom of the page.


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