Smatterings General Directories

Smatterings General Directories are a collection of directories that you can either search through or submit your webpage info to.

These directories only find you if you find them. Except for Bing and Google: If you submit your site to Bing or Google they will find you faster than they would if you did not submit your site to them.

Free General Directories Links
AMRAY - Free Web DirectorySEO friendly business and personal web directory
aQUALITY NETQuality Websites from around the World. Only the best.
Auctions-- 570,000+ products from around the globe.
DeeMX DeeMX is a professionally human edited general directory organized in relevant categories. Paid and free listings.
Hot vs is a premium web directory focused on providing high-quality, well-categorized listings of business-related websites. A free or paid listings, business directory.
INTERNATIONAUX is an international and professional web directory offering premium submissions and free submissions.
Jayde.comThe B2B search Engine is business oriented directory. Your website address has to end in .com as opposed to /index.html.
Online Society A general free directory.
Resource CentralUpdated daily/weekly with new sites. They are approaching 50,000 quality links.
Secret Search Engines LabAlternative search results - Giving the little site a chance.
SimilarPagesA directory that list similar sites with FireFox add-on.
SmartlinksNews and Reference directory.
Sonic RunSonic Run is an Internet search engine providing web, meta, video, blog, and news search results. Requires you to join Free
Useful-Information.orgInternational directory from Spain in English.
WikikliIncrease your websites traffic and Internet visibility by submitting your site to a UK spider.
Worldoo.orgA French directory in English. Submitted once, but no message acknowledging submission on this site.
Wotbox is an independent Search Engine since October 2002 and live since July 2003, resulting in a brand new index launched in the summer of 2013.

Helpful Freeware

Spell Checkers

Tidy Spell is a freeware program that sits on your taskbar. When you misspell a word it beeps and turns from white to yellow. It makes useful suggestions and work with HTML editors and e-mail as well. If you are filling out forms to submit your site to search engines or webrings, this small utility will check your spelling as you type.

Auto Fill programs

Handy programs for filling out website descriptions for directories and promotional e-mails. Allows you to easily paste commonly used text or website address into a e-mail or form document advertising your site, book or writer's meeting.

YC3 Yankee Clipper YC3-- 32 bit windows freeware that handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc - any size. Features printing, drag and drop, optional permanent storage of clippings.

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