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Freeware Graphics for Creating Websites

Cool looking text

Text Tone This handy utility is responsible for the change in color of "Smatterings" on top of the page. I've never used an easier program.

Smaller sized files are better for the Internet. Smaller sized files load faster than large files.

Button Making

Cool Text Link Create logos, buttons, and bullets online. Their program is only compatible with Unix and OS2. If you are a windows user like me than you need to use their software online. I used it to make my Smatterings link buttons that you can copy and paste to your web page if you want to link to me.



Any graphics editor that can make a rectangle and print text into it can make an awesome button for your webpage. Create your own backgrounds and buttons. Check the program's features to help decide which one's the one for you.

Color Maker An online JavaScript web page design program for a fast solution for some interesting backgrounds and text settings. Requires only a HTML editor for pasting the code.

Fractal Explorer Fractal Generator saves images as jpg or avi files-- Used as a starting point in my Web Creation Freeware Button on the bottom of this page. In the background on There are no Such Thing as Ghosts! Right??? I used a fractal generator as a starting block. Then I added effects, and edited it in in an editor designed to create buttons. Windows 7.

Fractal Zoomer Fractals make great backgrounds for websites and buttons. This one uses over 120 different fractal generating functions. Saves in bmp, jpg and png. Asks to to run in Administrator in Win 10. Portable, but make a file for it's execute file before running because Fractal Zoomer makes files to work from as you create. Java required. Windows, Linux

FotoSketcher Manipulate any photo with over 20 different styles are available from pencil sketches to watercolor or oil paintings, pen & ink drawings and cartoons. Perfect for creating website backgrounds. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac.


Graphic and Photo Editing Freeware

For websites gif and jpg formats are most commonly used. PNG is the best web image format for fast loading high quality graphics.

For years I shied away from png because some of my browsers were incompatible with that format, despite what I read on the Internet. PNG format has probably worked fine in many browsers for many years. 2017 png looked good in Chrome, Firefox, Marathon and Windows Explorer.

Gif, jpg and png mouseovers on Smatterings The phoenix--a symbol of resurrection; a symbol of Easter page compares jpg, gif and png formats as web images. Each of the three pics were saved in a different graphics formats. Gif images can be animated. The edges in the png image are sharper than the jpg, but I wanted that softer blend for that particular graphic..

Scott's Box Shot Maker From a jpg file, makes either a book graphic or a box graphic depending on what your selling for your website. Windows.

Free Graphic Editors

GimpShop Easier to set up than Gimp. Great for website graphics once you get a handle on working in layers. Can't be used for print because it is an older version of Gimp where dpi is size dependent and decreases as you enlarge your graphic. Windows, Mac and Linux.

PhoXo includes layers, undo, over 50 special effects, batch processing, shadow text, ripple text, gradient color text, thousands of free clip-art, frames, patterns, textures and shapes. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.

Combining Pictures:

Microsoft Image Composite Editor Combine 2 to 8 vertical or horizontal pictures stitched together to make one picture. Accepts JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG and HD Photo image inputs and exports into JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, HD Photo image, layers, Adobe Photoshop, HD View Tileset and Deep Zoom Tileset. Windows 32/64.

Fotowall Create pictures, wallpapers, postcards and covers by freely arranging dragged and dropped images and text on a 3D enabled canvas. Then arrange in layers, scale, rotate, and apply transparency on a background that you choose. Portable Windows 32, Linux.

PhotoJoiner An online photo joining tool for 2-8 vertical or horizontal photos. Create a collage or a Facebook cover photo. Allows cropping and adding text. Compresses and converts JPG to PNG. Converts to GIG and TIFF, and MS Office to PDF files.

PhotoSpills Choose the photos you want to use and select the design options for collages.

Merge Superimposes 2 photos. Merge whole pictures image without worrying about size/scaling differences. Adjustable blending modes. Loads and saves in BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIF, TGA, PCX Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.

Adding Artistic Effects to Images

Online Photo Special Effects

Pixlr online Pixlr editor has all the features one would expect. Saves in bmp, jpg, tiff, png and pxd. Pixlr Express is a special effects editor add borders, text, adjustments and make a collage. Saves in jpg.

Pixlr-o-matic online jpg special effects and borders editor. Works from a picture from your hard drive or from your webcam. Requires Flash installed in your browser. (To turn on Flash in Firefox 52+: Enter about:config. Right click anywhere on the option list. Add a new Boolean option called plugin.load_flash_only and set it to false.)

Desktop Photo Special Effects

Vicmans Cartoonist has two graphic utilities I use: Jpg enhancer and Lighting assistant. Lighting Assistant lets you add light sources as if your picture was a stage and JPG Enhancer gets rid of the blotchiness when you upgrade a jpg image to a tiff image. 72 dpi output. Windows 32.

Easy Photo Effects Many cool effects to add to your web images. Works with jpeg, png and bmp. Windows XP/Vista/7.

Final touches for website graphics:

Ifran View Link IfranView Freeware Graphics Viewer is compatible with lots of graphic formats. It's one of the few photo editors that Win 10 allows to become the default app for viewing and opening pictures. It has a few nice special effects. To make a word processing file into a graphic, IfranView lets you do this with a command called capture. (This was prior to all those other screen capture programs.) I used this in my Comparing Formats page back in the 90's. I could not use IfranView for the Plasma Resources web site, because IfranView is only free to use for non-commercial purposes. Windows 32/64.

PhotoWipe paint over what you want removed in black, and click go. Easily complete tasks like removing cage bars from zoos in photos. Windows 32 bit.



Synfig Studio free and open-source 2D animation software for creating film-quality animation using a vector and bitmap artwork. Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Gif Animation

Gifted Motion easy to use GIF Animator, written in Java. A simple way, to turn a series of still images into an animation to be displayed on a web page in gif graphics format, without the hassle of learning how to use a full blown graphics suite. Platform independent, runs on every OS. Requires Java.

K 3D Full blown 3D modeling and animation software with tutorials. Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, BSD.

PhotoScape Basic photo editor with many cool extras: Photo retouching, photo splitter, slideshows and GIF animation. Prints lined, graph, music and calendar paper. Mac and Windows.

Screen Capture Gif Animation

LICEcap (Lightweight Image Composition Engine) Position it on top of whatever you'd like to capture, size the window, and click on Record. Then you can demonstrate a toolbar action, reproduce a bug, or make a ten-second tutorial compatible any Web browser. Big files though. Windows, Mac OS.

PngOptimizer will optimize any GIF file including animated ones. If you use LICEcap then you also need PngOptimizer. Windows 64, Debian, Ubuntu.

GifCam a portable video screen capture program for making compressed animated gifs. Frames editing, add text, capture cursor, and resize frames. Windows XP, Vista, 8, 7

Flash Animation

Project ROME both an Adobe AIRŽ desktop application and as a browser-based web application, leveraging the power of AdobeŽ AIRŽ and Adobe Flash PlayerŽ. Mac and Windows.

Sqirlz Morph Easily combine your bitmap or jpg graphics into a Flash or AVI animation. Windows XP, Vista.

Instant Storm tool for turning Flash animations into Windows screensavers. Creates both screensaver installers and standalone SCR files. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1

Zphoto A flash-based photo album generator. When you mouseover a thumbnail the picture enlarges. Windows 2000, XP, Unix,

Screen Capture Flash Animation

SnapShoter A portable screen capture clipboard utility for screenshots, images and videos. Includes an image editor allowing a user to customize a screen capture area, draw shapes, boxes, encircle a specific area, add text, embed watermarks with an option to create layered screenshot images. Windows users need 7-zip to extract rar file for installation. AmigaOS, AROS, MorphOS, MAC and Windows.

Wink Tutorial and presentation creation ending up with highly compressed Flash presentations. Screen capture freeware that exports to PDF, HTML, SWF and EXE formats. Record voice for better explanations. Can import Wink files into other flash editors. Windows 32, Linux (x86 only)


Screen Capture Utility

It depends on what project you work on to determine which screen capture utility will work best for you.

CmdCapture allows screen capturing of a DOS window before Windows starts up.

Gawdwin PrintScreen freeware utility supports capturing an entire screen, an active window, a client area or a specified rectangular selection with optional inclusion of the mouse cursor. Choose to print, e-mail, copy the captured image to the clipboard or to auto-save it into a default directory of your choice. Setup your preferences and then press Print Screen on your keyboard. Used Gawdwin PrintScreen for many years to transfer barcodes into my book cover. Useful for taking a screenshot of my screensaver. Pressing Print Screen on the keyboard does not turn the screensaver off. Gawdwin PrintScreen makes a 35mm camera shutter sound when it has the picture. Windows 32/64 XP, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10.

Snippy Portable screen capture tool. Trace the region of the screen that you want to copy with your mouse. The cut-out image gets saved to clipboard, and you can paste it in another application as a graphic. Allows pasting between dual monitors. Windows 98 and up.

ShareX is a Windows free open source screen capture program. Allows full page, freehand, shapes including rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, triangle, diamond, and polygon captures. Scrolling a webpage larger than the screen worked. Has a text capture that offers a limited OCR. Audio and video records in MP4/WEBM or animated GIF format. Includes a color picker, ruler, FTP client, monitor test, file hash checker, QR code generator, and image effects. Windows, Chrome and Firefox.

FastStone Capture 5.3 the last freeware version which is free for personal use. User friendly, portable small windows app that can be used on a USB drive. Captures anything on the screen including windows, objects, full screen, rectangle regions, and freehand-selected regions. Includes a floating Capture Panel, hotkeys, resizing, cropping, and text annotation. Windows 98 and up.


Book Publishing Graphic Editors

When Mom's XP computer died, Vista 32 systems were all that was on the market. Very few programs worked with her new system including Microsoft products like Publisher and Office, so it was no surprise to find that none of my favorite graphic programs worked on her system. Another criteria presented itself; the need for the final output to be 300 dpi for printing a book cover. For a web page you only need 72 dpi.

Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator When you resize an image you also change the number of pixels but when you print out an image the printer uses a resolution that is expressed in DPI (dots per inch). Suggests the size for your resizing. Sometimes useful for double-checking the resolution of the graphics program before downloading and installing it.

Reshade Upsizes images to ultra high resolution. A dedicated program to resizing images. Saved a gif and then jpg web a text and picture composite exported from LibreOffice Draw to a high enough resolution that I could read the text in my pic file cleanly in a browser if the size of the picture was small enough. Ended up reverting to Photo Filtre which has been my go to graphics editor whenever I want to fix something in a image. Could not succeed doing the gif or jpg web enlargement with Photo Filtre either. Changed to a png format which solved my problem reading text within an image enlarged using a straight HTML mouseover.

Free High Resolution Graphic Editors

Gimp a free advanced graphics editor that worked for book publishing, (well kind-of) Smatterings Gimp page has links to help setup Gimp if that's the direction you decide on.

Photo Filtre photo and graphics editor, image retouching, and special effects. This is my favorite graphics editor. Able to save 12.25 x 8.8 inch graphic in 400 dpi. Many cool tools. Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Win XP, Win NT, Win 2000.

Comic Book Illustration Editors

FireAlpaca free paint tool that lets you draw and illustrate. Windows Comic book templates, 600 dpi 32 Vista+, Mac OS 10.7+

Medibang Paint Pro Comic creation digital paint tool. Allows multiple panels in one file, easy to edit or change order. Snap guides and layers. Tutorials. Mac, Windows, Android, Ipad and Iphone versions.

Vector Graphic Editors

Vector graphics, text or illustrations are beloved in book publishing because the artwork is scalable without losing resolution. A company logo and brand graphics created as a vector can be used on small items such as a business card and letterhead, but also on large surfaces, like a tour bus, or a Mars shuttle. Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux.

Online Vector Graphic Editors

Gravit Designer Free online vector editing alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Knife tools, special effects, blending, text, auto layouts and anchors. Exports in JPG, PDF, SVG, EPS, PNG32 and PNG24;. Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Online, Android, Chrome OS, iPad

Vectr Free vector 32/64 bit graphics editor made for real-time collaboration. Part is on your hard drive the other is online. Optionally Vectr works totally online. Need to login to save your work. Posts to Facebook or Twitter with one click. A unique shareable URL for every design. Imports AI, EPS, SVG, PNG, JPEG. online, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS.

Desktop Vector Graphic Editors

Creative Docs .NET is a vector-based graphic design tool, for quickly writing short documents, manuals, ads, posters, illustrations, schemas, plans, and flow charts. Alternative to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Windows Vista, Windows 7.

InsightPoint is a multi-scene vector drawing tool for Windows and Linux.

Krista Free open source vector painting tool designed for concept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artists, and the VFX industry (Visual-Effects Industry). Mac OS X, Windows 7+ (32/64), GNU/Linux.

ISBN Barcode Generator

Zint Barcode Generator A barcode encoding library from Source Forge supporting over 50 symbologies including Code 128, Data Matrix, USPS OneCode, EAN-128, UPC/EAN, ITF, QR Code, Code 16k, PDF417, MicroPDF417, LOGMARS, Maxicode, GS1 DataBar, Aztec, Composite Symbols and more.

Other Graphic Software Review Sites

List Best Free Image Editors A long list of free Windows graphic editors.

Snap 2 Objects Reviews 45 freeware graphic design programs. Website also covers vector clipart.



Um... I don't own a computer, even though this is the 21st century, can you scan in my pages and covert it somehow? Tested Freeware Feb. 2013. The answer is "No. Definitely no." Do not pay for OCR software. The free stuff works way better or at at least just as well.

Free OCR Software (if you insist on trying)

LibreOffice Writer allows user to scan in a document as a picture and save it in PDF format.

Free OCR If you document is short, OCR freeware for Windows supporting most Twain scanners. Has trouble with W, M, f and L's scanning from a hp scanner set at 600 dpi but better than most OCR recognition software. Free OCR outperformed other free standalone OCR programs. None worked as well, so they are not listed.

Yankee Clipper YC3-- 32 bit windows freeware that allows you to save multiple files and combine them into one file. Useful for scanning in a chapter and then correcting them in one sitting as opposed to scan one, correct one...

Microsoft Office Document Imaging Microsoft Office add-on that started with Office 2003. One button solution. Select all, copy and paste to avoid Word default settings when working with non-MS Office applications.

OCR Advice from Others

MakeUesOf Top 5 OCR Software Tools.

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