Groundhogs Day

February 2, 2001 7:30 AM Eastern Standard time

About two thousand people gather in a field in a small town in Pennsylvania. They look on eagerly, as the game warden wakes up the groundhog from hibernation.

We call groundhogs woodchucks where I live. We call groundhogs woodchucks where I live.

The game warden looks carefully beyond the groundhog. Yes, the groundhog has a shadow! The crowd boos. That means that there will be six more weeks of winter.


February 2, 2001 7:30 AM Eastern Standard time; 120 miles north

I look out my apartment window. The Western, NY street looks bleak and Grey. It is starting to snow again. How could have anything seen a shadow on a day like this?

Does our weather really revolve around a groundhog seeing its shadow?

Well lets see... First thing to do is check on a calendar. If there is not a calendar with February on it, I need to type in the year in the empty box. Then I need to select the month February.



(If you are doing this in February: It is easier to click on TODAY under the empty box.)

Six weeks from February 2, is March 16, 2001. If it stops snowing by then I'll know that this year when the groundhog saw his shadow that Spring was indeed six weeks away based on the weather conditions in Pennsylvania.

Yes, I still think the snow is pretty. The snow is pretty.

If it stops snowing before six weeks is up; I will suspect that the groundhogs that live around here did not see their shadow, had anyone been rude enough to wake the poor groundhog up.


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