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"Better than Easter, more fun than Christmas--Halloween.." Ray Bradbury.

  Creatures of the night.

All Hallow's Eve: the day kids dress up as monsters, witches, and goblins. They play out their role in the everlasting struggle between good and evil.

ghost and goblins

Like the monsters at Notre Dam, the children's costumes scare off evil, as do the autumn bonfires that adults sit around telling scary stories.


But not too close to the fire. Come!

Curl up close to the fire.

Things that go bump in the night are just the beginning.

Happy Halloween!

Stop Playing with the Lights link. One of life's frustrating moments.


There are no such things as ghosts! Right??? link to short story. Of course it's a true story.


The Wandering Indian Link A ghost story.


A Gift From the Heart link Not everything is what it seems.


The Recipe link Warning! Do not try this at home.


Afterlife link They cared so much-- Fate Magazine published Warning From Beyond, a revised version of this tale in their February 2005 issue.


Is it the end of the season, or is it the beginning?


And this is that which is written long ago.


Fall of Satan from Gods Word link He was fair to look at. Then he grew proud: The on-going story of Satan from the Word of God.


Fall of Satan from the Ledgend of the Jews link He was jealous of Adam: The story of the fall of Satan from the Legend of the Jews.


A glimmer of hope.


Hope for a new day


Prayers for Protection link Cures for when terror abides in your heart...


All Saints Day link God willing, in the dawn of fresh day, evil will be put to rest.

For more ghost stories and other scary things, check out this directory.

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