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SmatteringsBooks is our partner funding Smatterings A Writers Home Page. SmatteringsBooks proudly present: Road to Megara the sequel to A Matter of Honor in the Knife of Truth saga.

Welcome to a Writer's Home Page.

You opened my treasure chest full of tips, links, stories and quality freeware.

Sift through my site, click on the title that draws you. Enjoy your visit.

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The Writers Computer Corner
Writer freeware, word processing help, screenplay writing freeware and templates, book publishing templates, e-book publishing freeware, computer upgrading, search engine reviews, cures for writer's block, prose polishing freeware, and writer markets.
Free Antivirus and antispyware that works together
Freeware anti-virus solutions that work together along with free antispyware and browser add-ons to protect your PC from harm while using the Internet.
Free Software featuring free Knife of Truth Screensavers
Freeware from SmatteringsBooks. Checkout SmatteringsBooks free Windows Knife of Truth Screensaver or preview the first chapter of both books from the Knife of Truth sci-fi series.
Researching Religious History Link
Free online Bibles, Bible freeware, links to artistic pages inspired by it, religious history links and freeware to cite your sources. Clicking on the animation of the teacher and the chalkboard will transport you to Smatterings search engine page.
Smatterings Freeware Graphics Software Links for Websites and Book Publishing.
Freeware, open source and free online graphic software for creating buttons, backgrounds, cool text effects, for websites or for touching up photo's. Features graphic editors that allow work with high resolutions of 300 dpi or better for printing books. OCR and attempts to convert to a word processing document.
Web Page Authoring
The story behind the creation of Smatterings: HTML help, web marketing, JavaScript links, website design tips, HTML editors, graphic freeware links for website.
Aaaagh! It's not working.
Windows problems and solutions like cats, children, and worn out keyboards. More technical than most writers want to read about. Covers freeware utilities, PC lockups, memory issues, uninstalling software that you tried and hate.
Windows Maintenance and Optimizing Tips
Windows freeware utilities and links on maintenance and optimizing tips, keeping drivers up to date, software to install on your hard drive or USB drive before your PC crashes, defrag, cleanup after installs, registry and command line system tweaks for optimizing your PC and internet connections.
Changing Seasons
Short stories, articles, links, based on holidays and the seasons.
Pass the Torch
Christian answers to controversial topics; a Christian perspective for and against school prayer, the Columbine tragedy, the 911 tragedy, Biblical advice on money, God-- space and time.
God transforms people's hearts.
Christian Inspirations: Links to Christian websites, free Christian clip art, free Christian desktop backgrounds, free Christian screensavers and music tools. Links to YouTube videos illustrating different moments in a relationship with God.
Gammon Warp II Link
Before Matrix, before Game Cube and PS 2... A short story inspired by Walt Disney's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" 2000 and 2006 versions (a lesson in revising)
Theatre Link
Tech stuff, theater links, plays, film, radio and television writing tips and screenwriting freeware.
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