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Do good, lend expecting nothing in return. Love one another.Christian Inspirations

Clip Art
ChristArt linkChristArt resource for expressing Jesus has free clip art, wallpaper, and verse art.
Christian ClapArts.Net   Some cool animations dedicated to Jesus..
Upon This Rock linkQuality free Christian graphics.
Atlantic FishFree Christian Clip Art a group of people who aren't worried about money, just useful graphics.
Christian Clip ArtCategories include ten commandments, baptism, book of revelations, choir, church holidays, Satan and shepherds.
For His Glory Christian backgrounds.
Windows Theme Tools
Adware Free Screensaver and ThemesMany non-secular desktop themes that are often truly inspiring. Installing themes for Win 7 plus is not for the faint of heart. Beware of other software packages included with the install file. I try to post only adware clean sites. Any high resolution photo can be used as wallpaper. Prior to Win 7, one use to be able to install themes. Since then if you want match wallpaper, cursors, and screensavers it's easier and safer to do it all according to the changing appearances directions that comes with your operating system.
Windows 7 Forum Change or Save Windows 7 Aero Themes are directions to delete and how to add your own customized themes for Windows 7.
Windows 7 How to install Windows 7 Themes some fixes for Win 7 64. Did not try downloading their premade themes because of advertising concern but if you want to install themes the old fashioned Win 9x method the drivers and fixes can be downloaded here.
Uxtheme Multi-patcherLink to Softpedia-- Allows you to use any 3rd party msstyle themes if your running Windows XP/SP1/SP2, 2003, 7 or 8 (with Themes enabled). Not needed if your operating system is Windows 98. Works without programs like Windows Blinds or Style XP. Not needed if you use win7 because in win7 32 unless you fall in love with the graphics and the sounds. In Win 7, 8 and 10 you can use your own photo's or use someone else's by saving as and setting as wallpaper.

Unchecky is a freeware utility that warns you and eliminates unwanted software bundled with the free software you actually want. Download and install first.

If you see other software than what you intended, abort the install immediately. Read my uninstalling section Problems and Solutions page if you think it's too late. < Many of the installation files that come with desktop themes install their files in strange places and it is easy to install files that you would not have downloaded on purpose.
Wallpaper Screen Savers and Desktop Themes
John Bell's Christian Art GalleryAn excellent source of Christian wallpaper, and web page backgrounds.
Christian UniteChristian wallpaper categories include animals, birds, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, flowers, space, and scenic.
The Glory SiteFree Christian Wallpaper.
God's Wonders A gallery of nature scenic photographs with or without Bible verses made available free for computer wallpaper.
NASA /ESA Hubble TelescopeOffers 5 different desktop wallpaper formats. Stars, planets, quasars, black holes, nebulae, solar system and galaxies taken with the Hubble telescope.
Writing and Video links
All Saints Day   Smatterings look at the on-going battle against evil-- spiritual warfare, angels, demons, humans God and victory.
Bible Plus   Discoveries, stories, humor, Bible prophecies, and articles.
Christian Goth   The tribe of poet priests and warriors called to fight the darkness.
Christian Chain Letters   The best of the forwarded e-mails that have graced my inbox.
Easter   Smatterings Easter section and my first experience using Java applets. Years later, mean people made Java unsafe so had to revert back to static graphics. Added links to You Tube videos to illustrate the passion story.
Java for Jesus flash home page linkJava for Jesus flash has a nice collection. They have some flash movies that I do not. Some of these are silent movies.
Omega Sun   Prose and Poetry
Pass the Torch Smattering's look at some modern issues. Through God all things are possible.
Tabernacle Virtual TourA Christian look at the Jewish Tabernacle.
Smatterings Christmas   The season to be jolly. Advent through the twelfth day of Christmas.
YouTube Videos Illustrating Different Moments In A Relationship With God
After Forever   My favorite Christian evangelism song by Black Sabbath
Ghost Chickens in the Sky   written by Sean Morey. Barry Ward does the gospel version. Because the guy singing the song says so. Laughter is a gift from God.
  Canadian Tenors performing ‘Hallelujah’ on Superstar Machine gets surprised by Celine Dion (King David is my hero because he continued to worship God even when God got mad because he murdered his general because he knocked up his general's wife, so listen to both versions.)

sung by Leonard Cohen on You Tube. This song often reminds me of Foreigner performing I Want To Know What Love Is

Hallelujah  Handles Messiah Rocks on You Tube. (The classic rock Easter version)
!Hero a Rock Opera   One of my favorite versions of the lasts days of Christ before his resurrection on You Tube.
Nirvana - Lithium (lyrics)   Kurt Cobain captured starting moments of finding God while your still not anywhere near OK.
Roar   A secular song posted on You Tube that captures the concept of repentance.
Savior Machine   You Tubes collection of a Christian Metal band that my brother turned me onto back in the 90's.
Sister Act II   Oh Happy Day.
Something in the Water   sung by Carrie Underwood on You Tube.
Standing on the Rock   by Golden Resurrection on You Tube.
You're Beautiful   by Phil Whickham a You Tube video praise song.

Music Tools
The Cyber Hymnal   Over 4,700 Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations. I found the topics link useful. Includes lyrics, scores, MI­DI files, pictures and history.
Songview   Free worship song PC projection software for churches.
Daum PotPlayer 64-bit   My favorite 64 bit multimedia player using Windows 10. They also have a 32 bit version.
Daum Potplayer multimedia player - some useful settings   Although the default setting work good, I wanted to try some adjustments for maximum preformance. Daum Potplayer multimedia player setting are many and complex. Found a tutorial at How-To Guides and Security Tips at
PotPlayer Madvr Guide   Information on how to configure PotPlayer to use madvr.
HD Player   Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari browser add-on by James Frey automatically play YouTube videos in HD. Play with the settings to see which settings work best for you, set them, and then you know that the video on your monitor is the best that your computer can do everytime you watch something. Compatible with Potplayer Enable a little slow Slow GUI video setting.

Now playing, works OK with IE but not Firefox:

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Pass It On

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