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Isaiah 14 verses 12-22: the Fall of Satan


Isaiah 14 verses 12-22

(1965 Bible in Basic English)


How great is your fall from heaven, O shining one, son of the morning! How are you cut down to the earth, low among the dead bodies!

For you said in your heart, I will go up to heaven, I will make my seat higher than the stars of God; I will take my place on the mountain of the meeting-place of the gods, in the inmost parts of the north.

I will go higher than the clouds; I will be like the Most High.

But you will come down to the underworld, even to its inmost parts.

Those who see you will be looking on you with care, they will be in deep thought, saying, Is this the troubler of the earth, the shaker of kingdoms?

Who made the world a waste, overturning its towns; who did not let his prisoners loose from the prison-house.

All the kings of the earth are at rest in glory, every man in his house,

But you, like a birth before its time, are stretched out with no resting-place in the earth; clothed with the bodies of the dead who have been put to the sword, who go down to the lowest parts of the underworld; a dead body, crushed under foot.

As for your fathers, you will not be united with them in their resting-place, because you have been the cause of destruction to your land, and of death to your people; the seed of the evil-doer will have no place in the memory of man.

Make ready a place of death for his children, because of the evil-doing of their father; so that they may not come up and take the earth for their heritage, covering the face of the world with waste places.

For I will come up against them, says the Lord of armies, cutting off from Babylon name and offspring, son and son's son, says the Lord.

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And so the words of the prophets are made more certain; and it is well for you to give attention to them as to a light shining in a dark place, till the dawn comes and the morning star is seen in your hearts;

(2 Peter verse 19 1965 Bible in Basic English)

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