Isaiah 34:8-17(Common English Version)

The LORD has chosen the year and the day, when he will take revenge and come to Zion's defense.


Edom's streams will turn into tar and its soil into sulfur-- then the whole country will go up in flames.

It will burn night and day and never stop smoking. Edom will be a desert, generation after generation; no one will ever travel through that land.

Owls, hawks, and wild animals will make it their home. God will leave it in ruins, merely a pile of rocks.

Edom will be called "Kingdom of Nothing." Its rulers will also be nothing.

Its palaces and fortresses will be covered with thorns; only wolves and ostriches will make their home there.

Wildcats and hyenas will hunt together, demons will scream to demons, and creatures of the night will live among the ruins.

Owls will nest there to raise their young among its shadows, while families of buzzards circle around.

In The Book of the LORD you can search and find where it is written, "The LORD brought together all of his creatures by the power of his Spirit. Not one is missing."

The LORD has decided where they each should live; they will be there forever, generation after generation.


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