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Let the music play

Free is another mega-sized midi page directory that will take hours to go through.

Public Domain Music Clearly labeled arrangements from the 1800's-1900's.

Popular Songs in American History includes historical background. Midi files are songs from the 17th to 19th century.

Van Basco's Midi Search is an excellent tool for finding midi files. They also offer a free Karaoke Player.

Inspirations page has a list of the best Christian midi links that I have come across so far.

Copyright Issues

Like when using clip art, be sure to read to copyright section, and or the terms of use section before getting excited and using someone else's work on your web site.

Midi HTML Tricks

2014 note: The code below still works for IE but not Firefox.

When I started adding music to my website, I followed the directions on some bodies website. I clicked on the midi title. Chose "save target as," and nothing played from the new file on my hard drive.

Perhaps I was doing something wrong. I went back to the site and exported the play list as an asx file with Media Player. That seemed to work. When I checked my work on my Mom's computer, I found out that I had linked to the website I got the file from. My heart sank. I never intended to steal anyone's bandwidth. This problem needed to resolved quickly.

On the first and second file, there was no success. I checked every website authoring page that Smatterings is linked to to see if my code was right. It was. This is what I use:

<embed src="song.mid" autostart="true" hidden="true" loop="false">


<BGSOUND SRC="song.mid" LOOP="1">


If you place the code near the top of your HTML document; the music file is hidden. I did it this way on my First Candle of Advent page. If you place your code on the bottom of your page; the music plug in control box automatically appears. Check out my Easter page to see an example.

Sometimes, when you save a midi file as a target, something happens and you get a corrupt file. Sometimes if you save the file a second or third time you can get a good midi file. You have to find another version of the song elsewhere on the web.

When I uploaded the file that worked on my hard-drive, I checked them on my web page. Some of the files that worked fine on my hard drive sounded terrible on my web page. I went back to Midillenium and downloaded another version. After the new version was uploaded, I checked it again, until I got some decent sounding midi files on my website.

I guessed that; the trouble with saving a midi file using Crescendo is that the file tends to only be listenable by people who have installed Crescendo on their computer. In all fairness to the web page viewer, I did not feel right about forcing a plug-in on anybody. I temporarily un-installed Crescendo and found out I was wrong again.

My midi problem turned out to be the fault of my servers ftp site. Fortunately they have their own file up-loader and I had success with that. Unfortunately, the very next day after figuring this out, my server wiped out my website. I moved Smatterings to where I am now.


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