Friday National Prayer and Remembrance

President Bush declared the Friday following the World Trade Center disaster: A National Day of Prayer. I listened to the service from Washington on the radio in the morning. My neighbors upstairs watched the service from NY City.

Here are the President's Remarks from the White House.

Billy Graham gave the sermon in Washington.

It was a weird drive home that Friday, through the small towns. Families stood at the ends of their driveways, staring out into the street holding candles.

The radio announcer encouraged people to fly their American flags proudly. Why did he need to tell everyone this anyways? Our family all agreed that we should. A week later we hung up our Proud-to-be-an-American flag.

Americans--I don't know. If people could not buy an American flag, they thought it was OK to steal one.

We added some extra little American flags to our driveway. If someone wants to steal an American flag from us. I guess we'll forgive them.

Sunday was a day of candle light services held in parks and town squares.


This is a letter from one of the many ministers that tried to rescue any that could be rescued shortly after the Twin Tower Attack.

Prayer for the Nation link