National Shopping Day

Black Friday

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Old ladies line up outside the stores in the wee hours of the morning, to get the first shot at early bird specials. The retail clerks unlock the doors to store at 6 am. People run through the isles to hopefully find that special item.

I sleep through that part of National Shopping Day. By the time I wake up, the radio has at least one story of two old ladies who got carried away. They lost their tempers over the very last thing-a-ma-jing, got into a fight, and were arrested.

Here comes Santa

It is not like we have not been shopping for presents for our family all year. If we started the day after Thanksgiving we could not afford to buy much. Christmas is coming! The day after Thanksgiving we venture out to the malls and to the stores like everyone else.

Our family piles into Mom's station wagon. We drive into Cheektowaga, near the Galleria. The traffic is heavy. We scan over the Mall's parking lot. Cars are parked every where. We opt to go to the Borders, the bookstore across the street.

Santa makes his debut in the Malls.

Santa will make his first appearance somewhere inside the Mall. Some of our friends are already in that mess, for that very reason.

We can see the parking lots surrounding the Mall from the bookstore parking lot. Two men are yelling at each other. Their car doors are open. That must be the very last parking spot. A police car pulls up to the scene.

As we enter the bookstore, I remember the year we got to the Mall early enough to find a parking spot. It was wall to wall people. We slowly shuffled through the Mall plastered in by people we had never seen before.

To get into a store we bravely, gently, plowed our way out of the Mall's main artery. Once inside the store. It was crowded, but there was more room to move than a moment ago.

The bookstore is not as crowded as the Mall is, but there are still plenty of people. After we had our fill of browsing through books, we continue our journey through crowded discount stores.

We eagerly point to fluffy stuffed animals, little toy robots, books we've never seen nor wanted before, little glass figures, wreathes and oddly shaped candle holders. "If you are still looking for something to buy for me, that will do." We take turns saying.

A well lit house.

Eventually, we go back to the station wagon. The night is dark and the air is cold. We head home because now it is time to light up the house for Christmas.

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