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Revoke Murphy's Law

Blindly clicking on things can be fun. Check my Site Map if you want a quick directory.


Each gem is a link to compartment filled with jewels of information. Gems link to articles and stories. Gems link to how-to and help sections. The gems on A Writer's Home Page link to topic sessions.

Art on the Web link This jewel links to a web page containing my favorite art links.

The gems on the bottom of the page are return links to take you back to the page where you were before.

Click on any one of them to enter or exit (depending on your point of view).

Clip Art and Photographs

"A picture whether it is a photograph or clip art is worth a thousand words."

eternaly under construction

Some graphics cried out for more words and pictures to describe them.

For example if you click on the the animated clip art that says "eternally under construction" you will open my under construction page. This is the only unlabeled graphic that has an explanation next to it on this website.

Not all the graphics on my site are hidden links to other pages. The graphics for a story or article only illustrate the article.

The pictures in Smattering's how-to sections and topic sections are the ones with hidden stories. Drag your cursor over my graphics and keep and eye on the status box on the bottom of your browser to find them.

Due to the shortness of the hidden stories "next" graphic links to the next page.

Not all the illustrations in the how-to or topic section contain hidden links. Smatterings is still under construction after all.


One of the best things about web pages is that you do not have to spend money to read the back up material, or related info supporting a document.

Web sites, that I linked to that have an official logo or button, it is on the left hand side of the description about that site.

Some words are underlined within a document. Click on these words for more information. Some excellent websites do not have a logo for their site. These sites are listed the traditional way.

Found a bad link? This is how to let me know about it.


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