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New Years Celebration


The Last Feast of the Winter Festival


Our Tradition

At the end of every year, our friends from Rochester drive to Buffalo for the New Years feast. They arrive later than we hoped. We gorge on lamb, mashed potatoes, green vegetables, fruit, coffee, tea, and Christmas cookies.

After dinner the board games come out. We skillfully manipulate plastic pieces, as we keep an eye on our wrist watches.

Around 11:30, Mom quietly excuses herself. She hurries into the kitchen, to pour the Ginger Ale, and orange juice, into a large punch bowl, over vanilla ice cream.

The rest of us, remain focused on our board game. We glance at our watches at more regular intervals.

My brother's watch is set five minutes faster than my watch. He stares at me solemnly. I stare back at him.

"It is time." He declares quietly.

Suddenly, we grin. We jump up, and lunge for the nearest person next to us.

"Happy New Year!" We scream, as we run around the house hugging everyone.

No one's watch is synchronized, so we repeat this procedure until it is New Years for everyone in the room.


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