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The phoenix--a symbol of resurrection; a symbol of Easter

Verses 25 and 26 from the First Epistle by I Clement

Let us consider the marvelous sign which is seen in the regions of the east, that is, in the parts about Arabia. There is a bird, which is named the phoenix. This, being the only one of its kind, lives for five hundred years; and when it reaches the time of its dissolution that it should die, it makes for itself a coffin of frankincense and myrrh and the other spices, into the which in the fullness of time it enters, and so it dies. But, as the flesh rots, a certain worm is engendered, which is nurtured from the moisture of the dead creature and puts forth wings. Then, when it is grown lusty, it taketh up that coffin where are the bones of its parent, and carrying them journeying from the country of Arabia even unto Egypt, to the place called the City of the Sun; and in the daytime in the sight of all, flying to the altar of the Sun, it lays them thereupon; and this done, it sets forth to return. So the priest examine the registers of the times, and they find that it has come when the five hundred years is completed.
Do we then think it to be a great and marvelous thing, if the Creator of the universe shall bring about the resurrection of them that have served Him with holiness in the assurance of a good faith, seeing that He shows to us even by a bird the magnificence of His promise? For He says in a certain place; And Thou shall raise me up, and I will praise Thee; and I went to rest and slept, I was awakened, for Thou art with me. And again Job says; And Thou shall raise this my flesh which has endured all these things.
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