References Prophecy in the Psalms

the Prophets of Jesus

My Rosetta Stone:

The New Analytical Bible and Dictionary of the Bible Authorized King James Version with the addition, in many instances [in brackets] of the more correct renderings of the American Revised Version, copyright 1929 by the International Council of Religious Education and used by permission. Comprehensive SUBJECT INDEX Edition, John A. Dickerson Publishing Company, Chicago, Copyright 1950.

More references where found using:

Willmington's Book of BIBLE LISTS by H.L. Willmington Special Gift edition from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton Illinois, copyright 1987.

The following references were used as background info for the leads found from the above sources:

The NIV STUDY BIBLE 10th Anniversary Edition by Zondervan Publishing House, copyright 1995, Notes, Book Introductions, Essays, Indexes, Maps, Charts Diagrams, copyright 1985; Color Time Lines, Color Presentation Pages, Zondervan Corporation, copyright 1995.

(Note: To find the information in the NIV you have to go to the passage in question and look at the notes below the passages. It really helps if you know where to look before hand.)

e-Sword Version 6.50 Rick Meyers Copyright 2000-2002. (Bible Study freeware)

The Bible versions I used are from this software program. I also consulted the following Commentaries which are downloadable and work within the program.

Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge

Originally published in 1836, I used this reference a lot. It is a nicely hyper-linked Bible study help gives a concordance, chain-reference system, topical Bible, and commentary all in one. When you are viewing a Bible passage chapter synopses, key word cross-references, topical references, parallel passages, and illustrative notes appear in the adjacent window.

The words Jesus and prophecy in the extended search was used to locate supporting info to help determine if what I am presenting is indeed a correct interpretation.

Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible

A conservative verse-by-verse commentary on the KJV text.

John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible

A verse-by-verse interpretation of the meaning of the entire Bible.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible

A commentary on the Bible originally published in 1706.
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