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Submission Databases

The Free Ones

Ink Byte Tracker a free tool to help writers manage the submission of their work to publishers, agents, journals, or any other markets.

Sonar a free Windows manuscript submission tracking program for short stories. A handy way to track which market has which story, whether a story's been sold or rejected and how long its been on the editors desk.


CVAssistant (useful for non-writers too.) CVAssistant is a free job search tool that helps you by preparing resumes and cover letters and organizing your job application. Stores all your skills and experiences. Creates cover letters, resumes tailored to each job application. Tracks where you've applied.

Market Tips (queries, proposals and synopsis)

Adler & Robin Books Writing Book Proposal advice from Adler & Robin Books, Inc. - a Washington, DC book packaging and publishing company. Check out their old site for even more info on publisher tips.

Press Release Writing Tips Samples, tips and formatting.

Purple Crayon A children's book editors site with info for writing and illustrating.

Write and Publish Fiction Writing, publishing, marketing, resources and tools.

Writers Digest Writer's Digest features daily writing and publishing updates, tons of writer's guidelines, the hottest places to get published, courses and contests.

Exercises Helpful for Summing it Up

Synopsis, queries and proposals require that the author be able to sum up their manuscript in one sentence.

Six Sentences Write you story in six sentences and submit it here..

Six Words Write the same story in six words.


Writer's Markets

Research the publication by visiting the web site and reading the information before you make a submission.


Writers for Lots of good tips on what publishers look for in the Children's writers marketplace. Publisher market wishes updated every couple of months so check back issues.

CBC Children's Book Council Members list posts the needs of their publishers.

Children book and magazine publishers and a good list of market tips.

Writing for Children Writer's markets and columns on writing.


Utmost Christian writer and poet markets.


Preditors and Editors Agents and publishers links and tips.

Freelance Writing Magazine Writers submission guidelines. Lists markets accepting submissions.

Internet Publishing by Piers Anthony is a good on-line guide to Internet Publishing.

Paying Markets A nicely organized writer market link page.

Towes's Links to Online Guidelines Publishers, agents, paying and low paying markets .

WritersNet A excellent resource on agents, publisher, editor, and writing.

The Writers Place Writing For Dollar Guidelines.


FictionAddiction Book publishers network for fiction writers and readers.

Fiction Factor Magazines on the Internet; fiction Ezine markets.

Burry Man Writers Corner Science fiction, and horror reviews and magazine market links.


Check Smatterings Choosing the Correct Script Format page for television, film links.


Dark Markets 83 listed.

Science Fiction

Market List Science fiction, fantasy and horror and writing market links.

Ralan's Webstravagnza An excellent place to look for info on sci-fi publishers. Has over 800 writing links.

Speculative Fiction Divides the SF magazines into cents per word listings.


Publishing Independently

As it gets harder to get your book published by mainstream presses, self publishing becomes more prevalent. Attack this route carefully. It means investing your own capital into your book on top of the time you've already spent writing, polishing and sending it out to publishers. In this new game you need to either learn a new program for typesetting, or learn typesetting, make a photo ready pfd copy of your work or pay someone to do that for you, pay for printing, design and create a professional looking cover or pay someone for that too, learn how to market and promote books, invest in advertising tools, and learn how to become your own business.

Smatterings: Choosing The Right Tool will help you decide on programs for typesetting, whether to learn typesetting, make a photo ready pfd copy of your work or pay someone to do that for you.

Smatterings: Freeware Graphics Software Links Originally written for web designers interested in creating their own graphics. I added info on free programs for creating book covers and jackets.

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