Smatterings: Registry Editing for Performance and Other Tweaks

"There is nothing more humbling than a computer." Irene Evans, Biology Professor at RIT

Optimize Windows with a Registry Editor and Windows Settings

Always check if there is a way to accomplish changing the setting to where and what you desire, through control panel and your dos editor first. Editing the registry may really mess up your computer if you do anything wrong. Back up your registry. Instructions are on Windows Maintenance and Optimizing Tips Braving the Registry Editor

Registry Tweaks for the Stout Hearted

Changes aimed at optimizing your system so your computer runs better. If you feel happy with the way your computer runs, skip this section. Some of them work and some of them have no effect. Try one tweak at a time if you just found out after all this time your computer could be fine tuned to be more responsive and faster, reboot, and take note of how your system runs afterwards. Be careful. Only change and add the entries you mean to alter.

When using automatic registry tweaking programs like Wise Registry Cleaner and's Advanced Registry Tweaker together run them in an order that causes undoing changes made from the first tweaking program run. The order listed in the instruction listed under Clean Windows Install Optimizingworked well.

Internet Connection Tweaks

SpeedGuide website contains registry tweaks for speeding up your Internet connection. Speed TCP/IP analyzer reads and suggests settings for your Internet connection on-line. TCP Optimizer gives you the ability to experiment with different registry settings with a free program that runs from an extracted zip file. Used this successfully with Win XP, Vista 32, and Win7. On Win 10 it was easier to manually go through a list of changes. Make sure after telling Windows what to do, that you go to network adapter settings and enable your changes in device settings.

DNS Benchmark find the fastest DNS in your area with this free tool that tests for the best dns settings router primary and secondary servers to setup a fast Internet for everyone connecting to the router or Ethernet/Change Adapter Options/Local Area Connection/IPV4 Properties/preferred and alternative settings.

Windows Registry Guide website contains tweaks that you may try using your Win 98 or Win NT registry editor for boosting Windows performance. Some of them fix Internet, security, memory, file and hardware issues.

Wise Registry Cleaner System Tune Up allows you to automatically set network settings that you use to have to do manually. Sometimes a setting is not used because the software I used to set up my SSD (solid state drive) does not use the features it wants to turn on. So as always, be careful when optimizing.

FireFox About:Config Tweaks


Firefox Tweak cleared up the red items TCP Optimizer compatible with Windows 7 didn't allow me to adjust when testing my browser at Speed Guide. Use either FireFox Tweak or Tweak Network, but refrain from adding both add-ons at the same time to avoid conflicts.

Tweak Network is a Firefox add-on makes it easy to change registry settings to speed up the loading of web pages and increase the maximum number of simultaneous downloads from a site.

Manual Guides

The advantage of manual entering a tweak is it is easier to keep track of what you changed, so you can change it back easier. Start by finding your profile folder in your browser under Help/Troubleshooting Information. Close FireFox. Edit your "prefs.js" file found in FireFox Profiles folder. Choose "Save AS" and add the letterers "bak" after the file name. This will make a text file so that you have a record of what your original about:config settings. Exit out of the new backup text file and "prefs.js".

If you need to remove an errant entry, close Firefox, follow the directions above to find and edit the "prefs.js" file. Find the bad entry and delete it. Save and exit and restart FireFox.

Optimizing Firefox Tips, Hacks and Tweaks page by Rancid Taste, lists some pretty good settings for your network settings. Following his advice on optimizing about:config FireFox Tweak or Tweak Network, are redundant if optimizing for speed. Like his guide because it covers how to optimize your dictionary in Firefox

8 hacks to make Firefox ridiculously fast by Mike Williams cover some other tips to increase speed of Fiirfox browsers.

Firefox Tweak Guide by TweakGuides outlines most any tweak in about:com that you may want to try.

Change how many processes multi-process Firefox uses by Martin Brinkmann on for PCs with enough memory.

wikiHow to Make Firefox Load Pages Faster turn off tab animation, along with more info on some of the regular Firefox tweaks.

Firefox Browser Add-ons that solved specific problems

Copy and paste add on titles to the search box on top of FireFox's spin off browser version and search for addon to ensure compatibility. Sometimes when an add-on becomes incompatible with your browser upgrade, the author rewrites his program and the add-in becomes compatible later.

The Add on Bar restores the missing bottom toolbar for Nighty and Aurora 64 bit versions of Firefox.

Empty Cache button to easily empty your Firefox cache which was helpful when FaceBook games wouldn't run.

Vista Optimizing

Microsoft wanted to make Vista more secure to prevent people who work somewhere to stop adding their own favorite programs to their work computers. Been there. Understand the annoyances this causes. However, the extra security made anyone running Vista to take 3 times the amount of steps to setup their system on their home computers unless you have administrator privileges. Administrator privileges disappear as soon as you install Vista. So below are the links I used to solve this problem when setting up my mom's computer.

How to activate the Hidden Vista Administrator I followed these instructions without adding a password and achieved satisfactory results.

Petri IT Knowledgebase How can I disable the User Account Control (UAC) feature on my Windows Vista computer? by Daniel Petri give 4 ways to accomplish this. I used way number 4.

The next step is turning off the balloons that now inform you that you have violated security.

Win 7+ Optimizing Tips

How To How to Add Website Links to the Windows 10 Start Menu for just about any browser.

Tweak Hound Window 10 instructions-- Moving Libraries. Easy to follow on relocating My picture files, My Documents...

Moving the files you're working on to another hard drive or partition makes your system more stable and safe.

One advantage is when you need to reformat your hard drive due to a virus or malware you can save all your data by disconnecting your 2nd hard drive before doing a fresh install and reconnecting your data drive afterwards. The next step is to right click the folder on C: drive, choose Properties. Under the Location tab, change the drive letter to that of your 2nd drive. Do not migrate data from c: drive (that would wipe out your data. If you do make that mistake, hopefully you backed up you data on a USB drive.)

How To: Remove the Action Center from Windows 10 Can only be done with the registry editor. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer Create a DWORD (32-bit) Value called: DisableNotificationCenter Modify value to 1.

How to Uninstall and Restore Windows 10ís Built-in Apps LAPTOP part of tom's guide has the most complete list. By copying the name of the Windows app you can uninstall the app completely using Find in Windows registry editor. Except for the people app and photo app.

When Uninstalling the people app from the Windows registry, use: Microsoft.People Leave the photo app entries alone unless yo have the right search entry for "Find" in regedit. Start with Step 4 in Smatterings Uninstalling Software in Windows 10 directions on Aaaagh, It's Not Working! page. Always follow up with Step 5 in Smatterings Uninstalling Software in Windows 10 directions.

Some apps like the skype app have leftover lines that regedit refuses to delete. Continue on and delete what you can. The less useless entries in Windows Registry, the faster your computer preforms.

How To Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Microsoft once had a switch in setting to turn off Cortana. When I couldn't find the Cortana off switch in Settings, I thought it was just a matter of Googling the instructions on how to change your Win 10 settings. Wrong. June 2017, a new registry entry is the only way to turn off Cortana. Do not try to uninstall Cotana, Microsoft uses it to search in File Explorer and your browsers will work really slow on the Internet. Microsoft occasionally restores settings in different updates, so you may have to turn Cortana off again after a future update. Windows 7 and 8 tweaks.

Windows Third Party Free System Patches

Park Control A freeware utility that tells your CPU not to use all 4-8 microprocessors at the same time when you do not need them, but at the same time leaves the cores that you turned on with msconfig, ready when your application really does need them.

Firemin forces Firefox to return the memory it took from Windows allowing you to use Firefox in an optimized environment so you don't have to restart the FireFox browser so often without causing stability problems. Runs in the system tray. Works with FireFox only as opposed to another program based on FireFox.


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