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Choosing the Correct Script Format

Which Would be Better???

A Play, Film, Radio, or Television


You have a outline of a story that you think will make a great script.

Questions to Ask

If your answer is between one and three you have a possible stage play.
If your answer is four or more you have a possible screenplay.
Babylon 5 is an awesome television series, and the movies are just as good. It would be tough to rewrite as a satisfying stage play.
Babylon 5 History Page has a huge Babylon 5 Timeline, transcripts of Prophecies and Visions in B5, and an analysis of Babylon 5 Astronomy.

TV Writing Links

TV Writer

A good source of information if you are interested in writing for television.

If your answer is yes, you have a possible radio drama. Douglas Adam's sci-fi comedy; Hitchhiker's Guide is a good example of this.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy this website has an interesting version. You'll get the general idea.

The Hitchhiker's Guide from BBC.

If your answer is yes, you have a possible stage play.

If your answer is no; you have a lot of talking heads. You have a possible screenplay. In most good screenplays the characters are doing something.

Any Talk Show is a good example of this.

Film Script Writing Links

Script Writing Secrets

Two references are always better than one. This is another online book on the ins and outs of script writing.

Freeware Scriptwriting Reviews link To get a free opinion on the script writing freeware that I have tried so far; check out this link.

Absolute Write link Articles and resources for all kinds of script writers--mostly screenwriters though.

Film and Television Producers and Studios

Links to producers to find out what type of material they use and contact information.

Movie Making Links

These links are here so you can try making a short movie based on your script, or get an idea of some of the things directors and producers look at when the read your script.

Dependent Films

Tools and Utilities for independent film makers. PDF logs and release forms, Excel call sheets and production logs, Storyboard add-ins and contracts and releases in text format.

U Prompt Free telepromt program for your computer for scripts for students.

Film History

Since I was on the topic of film, I could not resist adding these links. Useful film information if you are writing a period piece on film.

Complete History of the Discovery of Cinematography

The development of motion pictures covers 2500 years of arts and inventions that led up to cinematography in the 1800s.

Early Cinema

An introduction to the first decade of cinema.

More Information

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Use Smatterings: Choosing The Right Tool link for info on free scriptwriting templates and free stand alone film, TV and theater script writing programs.


Celluloid Links

A directory full of writing information.
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