Smattering's Seasons

A collection of stories and facts about some of the holidays Americans celebrate. Since this idea popped into my head in October, I started with Halloween.

leaves in the fall leaves in the fall


Halloween Link

The great battle continues: Ghost stories, the fall of Satan and prayers for protection.


All Saints Day Page link Goodness prevails-- once again the planet is safe... The 911 Tragedy, fighting evil, angels and demons...


Thanksgiving Page Link This year's crops have been harvested, so give thanks and feast.

One little snow flake.Another little snow flake.



National Shopping Day link Retailers call this day Black Friday: The one day they are in the black, as opposed to being in the red.


Chrismas page link "Deck the halls with bows of holly."


New Years Day link Bringing the new year in.


Snow Season link Sometimes snow season starts in January. Sometimes snow season starts around Halloween.


Groundhogs Day link By the beginning of February only the dog still gets excited about snow.


St Valentines Day link This is a brief history of Valentines Day

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Seasonal Links

A Kids Heart Holiday page has some pretty cool games and seasonal activities.

123 Greetings Has a good collection of flash holiday greeting cards. Lets you send them in advance.

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