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Where ever possible I link to either Cynthia or Ruth's profile so that you can imagine what yours will look like if you choose to join some of the social networks below. As in real life, developing relationships with other people takes time in cyberspace so start meeting, trading notes and material with people in your cough, ‘every chance you can squeeze in timeframe'

Online Communities Rate your favorite books and movies and join communities of people who want to talk about your favorite subject.

Facebook Make new friends by joining clubs, champion causes or playing games. Knife of Truth has a fan club on Facebook.

LinkedIn garners the business of most of the Fortune 500 company executives. The link is to Ruth Willerth, contributing editor of the series Knife of Truth's profile. Linkedin is a great place to talk shop with other writers and professions.

My Space Social network specializing in music but has applications for readers.

Ryze Ruth Willerth's profile at Ryze.

Plinky SmatteringsBooks profile.

Twitter Follow SmatteringsBooks on Twitter.

Author Communities Where authors and readers come together! Cynthia Willerth author of the Knife of Truth series profile on Global stage for emerging writers and authors. Knife of Truth series profile on Nothing

Red Room A place to showcase your books.

Writer Communities

Synergentic Synergetic is a highly cooperative site for artists of all types: writers, photographers, painters, and more.

Wild Poetry Forum Writers and poets striving to improve their writing skills and share creative thoughts.

Reader Communities

Good Reads Rate the last book you read, list what you plan on reading, and books you are currently reading. Access from Facebook and My Space.

LibraryThing Network with others what's on your bookshelf.

Using Social Networking to Promote Things

5 Online Tools for Promotion Laura Austin author and webmaster of the BookMachine posted at The Publishing Talk Guide to Twitter which has awesome info.

On-line Social Networking for Authors by Robin Mizel.

The Social Networking Weblog current info on social networking.

The Top Social Networking Websites by John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Smatterings Website Marketing scroll to the bottom heading for info on how to connect your website to Facebook and Twitter and other places to recommend a website like the line of symbols below.

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