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Technical Theater Links

Here are some of my favorite tech links.

The Techie Gospel

This is high on my must read list. As I surf the net, I realize this is probably the most popular theater links on the web.


And God said Let there be lights. the best sound links I have found so far


Ground loop Problems

How to get that annoying ever elusive hum out of your sound system.


Theatre on a Shoestring

This is an awesome site with tips on every aspect of backstage theater.

Script Writing Links

Choosing the Correct Script Format

Some questions to help you choose whether your story is a stage play or a film, or a radio drama. Has writing links for screenplays, television, and radio, and online film making links.

Smatterings: Choosing The Right Tool

Links to help you find MS Word Templates and word processors suited to writing a stage play.

The Playwriting Seminars

My pencil is ready, and so is my erasure. Everything you always wanted to about writing a play. They cover story and themes, characters and dialogue, the screenwriting craft versed to. playwriting, and more.

Costume Links

Ancient to Modern

the tower of Bable

The History of Costume

Ancient Roman dress, Egyptian, Turkish, Mid-east, 17th to 19th century costumes.

16th to 18th Century


The Costume Gallery Research Guide

Costumes from 1590 to 1900.

Elizabethan Costuming Page

Covers 16th and 17th century clothing styles.

How-to Sites

Studio Creations

Definite How-to in costumes and props building specializes in Star Wars stuff. Sword Play

Sword Fighting Background Links

AEMMA Knowledge Base

There are a couple of resources if you find yourself either writing about or playing a character who normally uses a sword.

Historical Armed Combat Association

Has some definitions of sword fighting words, along with a resource list with sword master writings from the Middle Ages.

Fencing Masters of the 16th and 17th century.

This is a brief description of the sword master and links to online information that they wrote.

Theater Links

Interesting theater links.

Magic Show

Reviews,stage magic, card magic.

Learn Improv

Site has a list of exercises devoted to learning improvisational comedy

Jack Wolcotts

Theater History on the Web is a A resource for theatre historians and students to research sites throughout the world.
Of course I really do not expect everyone to share my tastes. Here is a list of pages of other theater links. Happy surfing.

Directories of Theater Links

Mostly lighting links in this section It worked in rehearsal.

AACT   The American Association of Community Theatre A excellent collection of technical theatre links. Click on links from their home page.


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