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"That was good. Do it again." Kathy Sutter: Director and Co-founder of ACTS


the theater that I played a part in, 1991-2002

Living Nativity was one of ACTS annual events. It was performed in the barn behind St. John's School.

Ruth Willerth

"If I wanted to see a show, I'd buy a ticket. " Ruth Willerth

ACTS staged on the two shows I wrote. While working with the theater group, occasionally I got to act. The rest of the time I did tech. At the time, ACTS' six lekos had an effective range of 20 feet. The real question was what can one do with a coffee can after the can becomes defective, and no longer holds any coffee? aaaah, cofee.... The majority of their stage was lit with work lights, and tin cans with 150 watt flood lights screwed in.

The Heart of ACTS

For ten years, ACTS performed shows at Saint John's School on the corner of Westwood and Sandridge Road, in Alden, New York. While we appreciated being able to utilize Saint John's School facilities, we were in need of a place to put our productions that we could call our own.

The Summer of 2001 we did our first show at the Bean Counter Coffee House, 1470 Church Street, in the center of the town of Alden in NY.

Love by Stephanie Genco is a poem written by one of ACTS actors. Stephanie joined ACTS Fall 2002. Like most people in ACTS, she is multi-talented.

Lighting Inspirations

Lighting Inspirations is a short slide show showing some of the things I think our stage lights should capture.

Tech and Play Writing and Screenwriting Links

Smatterings Theater Tech and Writings Links This is my prized collection favorite tech links.

Film, TV, and Radio, features scriptwriting for theater and radio, plus screenwriting for television. Most stage plays have to be adapted to make a screenplay. From an acting viewpoint: sometimes you can pick up a character's mannerism from watching a movie. From a writer's viewpoint; many of the concepts used in film are global concepts, and work well in many mediums.

Smatterings Stage Play Links

Finding Scripts for Future Productions Copies of the two plays I wrote, can be found on this page along with links to freeware and shareware scripts available on the Internet. I also have a good link to a search engine dedicated to finding commercial plays.



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