Serve one another in love. Summing it up: Love your neighbor as you do yourself.

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Contemporary Issues, History and Science that Supports the Bible
It is my hope that events like this will be something you read in history books, but have trouble imaging it really happening. Darrell Scott's Testimony 
At first I thought the 911 Tragedy was a horror story. Then I realized it is truly an All Saints Day story. World Trade Center Attack 
There should be separation of religion from state, so all mentions of God is taboo...or are they wrong? A debate against Atheism, reasons to believe and some links on how to pray. School Prayer 
(pro-school prayer)
A Christian argument against school prayer based on passages in the Gospel of Matthew. Against School Prayer 
Scientists found that our universe started suddenly by a huge force. The Big Bag Theory 
A favorite argument against God creating the heavens and earth is the difference of how man and God measure time. Time Measurement 
The best documentary on the Moses Exodus story. If You Don't Think The Jewish Exodus From Egypt Was Real, Then Watch This Video And Think Again 
A quick guide to following Jesus. Follow Me 
Contributions of the Romans during Jesus' time posted on You Tube Monty Python - What have the Romans ever done for us 
Advice from the Old and New Testament on managing money Bible's Advice on Money 
A great article on how Jesus' law replaced Judaic law from GotQuestions?org. Question: "Do Christians have to obey the Old Testament law?" 
How planting was done in the time of Moses Planting By the Laws of Moses 
In the Olympic Games the torch is lit in Greece.

The torch is carried from runner to runner, in the country that hosts the games.

Pass the Torch is a call to pass the torch of love.

The rules and strategy can range from simple if you are a beginner, or as complex as your heart desires.


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