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Free Protective Antivirus Utilities

Importance of Virus Protection

If you use Microsoft Explorer as your browser check the Windows product update for new critical updates. These patches help protect your computer from viruses, but you need more protection than that. One sick computer programmer can crash your computer permanently.

The goal is to combine free utilities that leaves your computer with a safe, secure fast system comparable to what you'd be able to buy if you had an income.

Virus Protection Runners Up

Bit Defender tested well at policing virus' in 2017. Excelled in real time detection without false positives, virus scanning and removal. Protects against anti-malware, antiphishing, and ransomware attacks. Cloud based. Tested 2017, Windows 7. Can only install from online. Requires an e-mail address beforehand. Must install Internet Explorer 10 or higher. Bit Defender would not install from an alternate browser. Takes awhile to update Windows 7 to Win 7, service pack 1. After 100 or so Microsoft updates, one must still verify the e-mail from Bit Defender before your computer is protected. On the plus side, Bit Defender is worth the trouble on a laptop because it takes less computer resources to run because most of the program is stored on the cloud.

Microsoft Essentials (MSE) is the runner up for the number one antivirus program in 2017. It doesn't protect your e-mail or protect you while in chat rooms and has no network protection. It is quiet and doesn't bombard you with ads to upgrade.

Freeware security utilities that work well together.

This is a list of top rated security programs that work together to compensate for features found in the paid versions but not found in the free ones.

Avast! A highly rated free virus protection for home non-commercial use. Rated third best in professional tests in 2013 but other years its tied for number one, and 2017 rated number 1. Uses less system resources than AVG. Protects as you setup your operating system if a multitude of system updates must be installed via the Internet. Stopped HTTP viruses cold. Needed Immuet to stop SSL threats which recognized two out of four using the Eicar tests. AVAST scans e-mails for malware, has a behavior shield like MSE, P2P, Network, and IM Shields. Has a Wi-Fi inspector, and checks browser for bad browser add-ons or plugins. Secures your passwords. One or two cons: With all its ads to upgrade to the pro version, it looks like adware. If you switch to another antivirus program, the only way to remove the leftover files from the uninstalled program is to take ownership of the files. Instructions to do this are on Uninstalling Software heading on Smatterings Aaaagh, It's Not Working!page.

Immunet FREE Antivirus Real-time, cloud-based detection against viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, and keyloggers without downloading any virus signature files. Compatible with existing antivirus. Windows 7 and 10. Has stopped a few attacks that Avast doesn't look for in the 5 year stretch of use. Even as late as 2017, the authors cannot understand the need for an off setting, so to turn off Immunet it needs to be uninstalled, and then reinstalled after you install your new trusted software that it quarantined for you.

CryptoPrevent A free solution to prevent CryptoLocker Ransomware.

AnalogX Script Defender a good alternative to Computer Associates' eTrust. Intercepts requests to execute the most common scripting types used in e-mail virus attacks, such as Visual Basic Scripting (.VBS), and Java Script (.JS). Works with Windows 98 and up.

Virus Remover Freeware

Stinger by McAfee AVERT is a stand alone free utility to detect and remove popular viruses. Don't scrap your current anti-virus program. None of them can prevent and disable all of the viruses all of the time. This program may help if one slips through. Works slower than a normal anti virus scan.

Sophos Virus Removal Tool Try when your antivirus program swears it removed the threat but your computer still has problems.

Spy Prevention

Smatterings: Spyware Freeware security utilities that work together to protect your computer and some that you should leave alone. If you connect to the Internet, then you need to know about spyware. Spyware wrecks havoc with you system. Freeware on Smatterings: Spyware webpage helps regain control over your computer.

Smatterings: Search Engine page has a bunch of SSL search engines to use.

DNSCrypt prevents spying, spoofing, hacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, or phishing attempts. DNSCrypt is Open Source software to boost online privacy and security. It works by encrypting all DNS traffic between the user and OpenDNS so a hacker can no longer see everything you connect to you're going on the Internet and every site you visit on the web. The 2017 Windows version installer took a long time to appear after double clicking it. Just double click the install program once, find some other activity, do it and return later. Otherwise, one install box opens for every time you double clicked expecting to see a new box on your screen. Tests to to check for DNS leaks. Although the author is concerned about vpn connections, their test works for regular Internet connections too.

Public WiFi security and mobile Internet tips

To keep our friends off our computer I set up an unsecured WiFi so they can connect with their laptops, or Iphones without bugging me for passwords, which protects my computer but opens a whole new can of worms. So I redid everything and now give them our household password so they connect without destroying my computer.

Pete's Privacy Tips Internet servers for mobile Internet, routers and firewalls, Firefox recommendation, and other security measures.

Testing Anti-Virus Defense

Eicar In my 2013 test, Avast did well against http attacks. Immunet which also runs on my computer picked up on most of the files under SSL. (Please pay attention to the warnings about difficulty in removing test virus from your PC if you want to try testing anti-virus programs.)

ICSA Certified Avast, AVG and Avira are ICSA Labs is the security industry's central anti-virus product testing and certification facility.

AV Comparatives Site compares different antivirus packages that you can download or buy. Many downloadable tests to evaluate whichever antivirus program.

Free Spyware Removal more online advice, offers a firewall test for the price of your e-mail address.

Best Free Antivirus 2017: Avast, AVG, Avira and Windows Defender tested.

unzipping utility

If this is the first program that you have ever downloaded and you use a very old computer, you need an zip file utility to open many files, once it is downloaded to your hard drive for Windows 98 and below. A link to download my favorite unzipping utility is located on the top of my Download Aid Freeware page.

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