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Webpage Marketing

Advertising your web site is the difference between you and a few of your friends viewing your website and the rest of the world viewing your website.

Promotion WorldPromotion World is another excellent place to start finding out how to promote your site.

Moz Pro has an excellent online SEO tutorial on how search engines work.

1 Hour Search Optimization free online crash course on the basics of SEO (search engine optimization). Outlines meta tags, keywords, link popularity...

Submitting to Search Engines & Directories

This is step number one. Search Engines take forever to list your web site, if they ever list your web site at all. Keep track of which search engines that you submit to. Multiple requests to be listed by any search engine only slows the down the process of being listed.

In the winter of 2014 everything changed. Yahoo's logo is now displayed next to Google's and almost every search engine seems to be enhanced by Google, and I've been having a hard time finding a lot of sites anywhere on the Internet, diving me back to my first Internet survival technique, which is combing small directories. All search queries on most surviving search engines are pretty much the same. According to Search Engine Optimization sites you should beware of listing with too many search engine sites just starting out because Google blacklists sites that link to too many small "useless directories".

If you feel your site will benefit a small directory because their list of sites seem similar to your own, type in the category into the search box of the search engine that you would like to be listed by to double-check which category to place your website under.

Google requires you to have an e-mail account with them, add another Meta Tag to your header and load an xml site map on your webpage server. After that Google wants you to create a profile to sign each webpage with a by-line saying you wrote the article. Google System Blogspot has some articles independent from Google covering Google.

XML Sitemaps is an online service that creates the required file for Google and Bing. Only submit sitemap when you add a new or delete a old page. For content the search engine providers are using something called an RSS feed.

Bing requires you to have an account with them too. Bing, provides tools to help make your side mobile phone compatible.

Fortunately, you can add a sitemap for Word Press automatically with Word Press plugin called Google XML Sitemaps to Bing and Google if you have an existing account automatically by running it in settings under plugin and can rebuild a fresh sitemap which is automatically submitted the next time you add a new page. Word Press SEO plug in will ping Yahoo and Ask when you update your sitemap

Smatterings Search Engine page has some free search engines that you may want to submit to and other freeware for finding information on the web.

Remember thousands of new web sites are being born every day. Yours is only one among a multitude. After submitting your site, forget about Search Engines. Concentrate on other things, like writing meta tags or making friends on a social site with people who's needs seem similar to what you can contribute. Website promotion is a never ending task. Every once in a while (perhaps twice a year) check the Internet for new directories and search engines. Stay away from submit to x-many sites software and resources because as of 2014 Google discriminates against being listed in classified newspaper section type sites. Though back a few years ago, I actually got traffic from many of these sites just listing websites in no particular order and quite a few people left nice messages in my guestbook.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are what many search engines use to find out what you have on your web page.

Search Engine and Website Optimization Freeware

A-Tools Toolbar includes URL tools for evaluating your web site. Keyword Intensity lets you compare your keywords to your competitors by counting the number of times the keywords are typed on your website and trying the same task on your rivals site. Compare info on key words listed in their metatags with yours with A-Tool bar URL Info tool. According to their URL analysis tools my website is not linked to a major search engine even though I've maintained a large high quality site for over 10 years. According to my counters installed on major pages like my home page, people occasionally frequent my site by searching on Yahoo and Google. A-Toolbar also includes about 50 other Internet utilities for things like weather reports, biorhythms, rss and news feeds...

Similar Sites FireFox Add-on is a Firefox Add-On which tells me that all the reciprocal links I've asked for, all the time I've spent at social media sites, all the time spent changing my website to help people has gotten me a 300 page website that I work very hard to keep updated to fill an empty void in cyberspace that people only look at if they happen to luck out and find me in a search engine. The only way I can find my site in a search engine is because I know the name of my site. Too many sites claim to have free software that is only free for 30 days, or has annoying nag messages and every search engine carries those kind of sites. If you think I have not asked other freeware sites for reciprocal links, asked famous bloggers like all the advice says you should, passed out business cards with my website, sign all my e-mail with my website have a page for my website on Facebook, try to remember to tweet something on Twitter, asked small directories to link with me, made reciprocal links to any site carrying my free screensaver or my small press books for sale across the world, optimized my blog using SEO packages, and still 100 percent of my hits come from search engines. Yes, I'm still trying but after 16 years I'm getting frustrated. So if you find yourself in the same boat: Never give up. Never give in. Keep advertising. Keep posting. Keep trying.


To make a meta tag for your site fill in the form below. Then copy the tags that were generated into your webpage heading; after the title and before the </head>.

Site Description
(more descriptive the better)
Up to 50 Keywords
(separated with spaces)
Here is your META - tag coding.
Put it in the HEAD of your HTML document.

Dr. Watson is an HTML checker. Check mark the Check search engine compatibility option to see if you are on the right track.

SmatteringsBooks Blog is my blog which uses Word Press offered by my web host provider Bluehost. Word Press offers SEO plugins to aid in slanting your site to Google and social media sites Facebook and Twitter. My favorite plugins are Word Press SEO, Sqirrly, and Clic & Go SEO.

Portent has some interesting tools tool help with web marketing. My favorite is Portentís Content Idea Generator.

Reciprocal Links

When you come across a web site that has links similar to whatever your web site is about; ask them to link to you. The more people that know about your site, the more people will look at your site. The new term for this is back linking.

Some sites have a link page that you can add your site to. Some pages ask that you send them an e-mail asking for a reciprocal link.

If you want to link to me and do not know how to do it; or are looking for a graphic you can use to link to one of my pages; take a look at my link to Smatterings page.

If you have a site that has content related to one of my pages; E-mail me. I'll be happy to review your site. If there is anyway I can work your site into my web content, I will add your link.

Facebook and Twitter

Both sites allow you to link and meet others. As of 2011 most of the world seems to be there. Google Recommend is another. Click on the plus icon to view other popular social media links to share your site and favorite links.

One tweets in Twitter and clicks on like icons in Facebook.

Smatterings Social Links for more info on ways to advertise and be friendly while you meet other great people doing the same thing.

Search Engine News Sites

Searchengineland presents news and information covering search engine marketing, searching issues and the search engine industry.

WebProNews a comprehensive resource for news, information, and tips related to online business. They cover the latest developments in search engines, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, advertising, and online branding.

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