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Everything started getting more and more messed up as I worked on the webpages. What I needed was a HTML editor that could correct the HTML code.


Freeware Webpage Authoring Software Links

So I started by searching through my favorite freeware links, downloaded, installed, and uninstalled a lot of likely sounding programs.

Webpage Authoring Software Link Three evenings later, I settled on the software. This is the cream off the top. Includes freeware that help with downloading and uploading, HTML editors and converters, link checking, graphics for websites and book publishing, PDF e-book creation freeware, and blogging platforms.

(I realize that they don't even make milk like they use to, so if I lost you: The best software is listed here.)


Although I had all the right software, the links that I was trying to fix, still did not work. Here are the websites that I found useful:


Webpage HTML References

HTML Primer: HTML Tutorial and Resources introduced me to HTML validators, Meta Tags, and JavaScript.

How Stuff Works explains how web pages work, how web servers work, how CGI scripts work, and more.

Boogies Jack's Web Depot link Tutorials start out with the basics and work their way to more complicated web authoring tricks. Has a good clip art section if you are looking for bars or banners. He has sound effects, webtools, guest articles and more.


Beginning HTML at has excellent information. They start out with the basics and move on to tricks with graphics, backgrounds, JavaScript, and more.


Page Resources link has some neat info on how to change the attributes of a horizontal line and some useful info on making complicated tables.


Cascading Style Sheets.

Cascading style sheets puts the information your computer needs so that you can see different colored, and sized text before your computer reads the content of what you wrote. The advantage of using Cascading Style Sheets is that your pages load faster. Evrsoft's converter does a nice job upgrading the font elements of your script to CSS.

Dynamic Design has an excellent W3C HTML valid tutorial in HTML and CSS.

There are other things you can do to speed up the loading of your website. Defining image size, using tables, and using the same graphic in different places are some of them.


Free HTML Validating Services

To check my HTML coding I used an online validator.

Validating Services Link Writing a website is the same as writing in any other format. You write, proof read, edit, and write some more.

Marketing Your Website

After I got the links working, I wondered if anyone ever looked at the website. I put a counter on the bottom of the page. By the way, when you see a counter that you like on a web page click on it. Many times you will see the information that counter has collected for the web page that you were looking at. Other times the counter is a link to the people who made the counter. The counter told me no one ever looked at the web page.

Marketing Your Web Site Link Marketing Your Website page is worth looking at once you have written and posted your web pages, and finally have the makings of your own web site.

As I researched website marketing I learned about meta tags. Meta tags do more than just help search engines find out about your site. On my home page I have two meta tags telling people looking for websites that are safe for kids that my site is indeed safe for kids. Some HTML editors generate a meta tag that says you used their software to create your webpage.



After I got everything working I wondered how all those cool effects are done on other websites. CGI scripts are not all that compatible with Unix. the first place I posted my website, is a Unix based server. Only some CGI scripts will work on a Unix based server. Evrsoft bundled JavaScripts with its HTML editor. That was enough to get me started.

Smatterings JavaScript page shows some of the neat things JavaScript can do for you.

Clip Art

My friend Eric looked at my web site and said, "What about pictures? How come there's only one? Where was that picture?"

"It's on the theater page. Why is the picture so important?" I looked at Eric blankly.

"I want to click on it."

"You what?" I gasped. "Why?"

"I want to see what it's linked to."

"It's not linked to anything. It's just a picture." The photograph on the theater page is now linked to a description of the picture.

Finding clip art, photos and other graphics for your web page I only have one picture that I made, and that picture does not go with anything that I have written about. I started a long search for suitable illustrations.

Web Design

Web design tips How you design your website depends on you and what you want to portray. Here are some tips and things to consider before you get to far into your web project and decide you should have done it a different way and revamp everything.

Music on Your Webpage

As I surfed the web, I came across more and more websites that I liked that contained music, that did not crash my browser. FireFox and Quicktime no longer play music on my Christian Inspiration page nor my seasonal webpages. Internet Explorer still will play music in the background on theme pages that seem right for music.

Midi Music link Here are some links, some the problems I had, and what I did to resolve them.


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