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Link to WebRing World When Yahoo took over WebRing World, they replaced the beautiful web ring logos with ugly Java boxes. Information can still be found on the revised system. By 2013 Webring add an awkward interface that takes over your browser when surf on the page that has the webring. The interface is clearly incompatible with FireFox.

Some Web Ring Masters made the transition.

Some Web Ring masters gave up in frustration. Their web rings no longer exist.

Other Web Rings found new hosts.

RingSurf link Most of the Web Rings that still have cool logos moved here. This is the closest thing to the way webrings use to be. In 2014 these web rings still function like a great webring should.


For people trying to use the web, the Yahoo take over meant simply that you had to spend more time on the Internet to find the information you searched for.

Yahoo sold WebRing back to one of the engineers who created it October 2001. Webring World may once again become as good as the old WebRing.

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