Ending Civilization Facts and Stories

Ending Civilization– Facts and Stories

The major premise behind Cynthia Willerth’s Knife of Truth book series is our civilization ended thousands of years ago and history repeats itself. This author’s premise is based on many prehistory legends like Noah’s Ark, Atlantis, and post-history Armageddon.

Ending Civilization

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Ending civilization– facts and stories has been researched and written by theologians, archeologists, and historians. Eventually, I intend to write about as many of the prehistory legends on SmatteringsBooks Blog as archeologists and private collectors make public. Check back and click on the links in the paragraph above and hopefully new info will be posted as SmatteringsBooks explores each ending civilization story.

Noah’ s Ark is a judo-christian tale known by most American school children from the book of Genesis.

Armageddon is also judo-christian in origin, but the prophesies are Christian. The link takes you to a section of Smatterings website that was written at the time of the Twin Towers Attack in New York City as I relearned and revisited my relationship with God, while growing in Christ.

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