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Free Online Links and Free Desktop Software for Rejuvenating the Blank Mind

Invigorating Websites


Haiku Generators from generates different forms of Haiku's at the push of a button.

Imagination Prompt Generator From Creative Portal. They suggest a topic or let you choose a seasonal picture to inspire your writing.

The Metaphor Machine Hans Christian Andersen Online Metaphor Machine randomly flashes different metaphors.


Behind the Name Random Name Generator names based on intended etymology or family history.

Creative Writing Prompts pick a number, any number. Read the prompt, open your favorite writing program and do whatever the prompt says.

Detailed character Generator by Serendipity also offers a fantasy name generator and Frenchboy generator.

Electronic Knowledge System Negotiations - language of gestures. Not by any means all inclusive. A smile may be a sign of benevolence or it may be a threat. But this site may help you get started on character actions beyond "He nodded." "She smiled while shaking her head no."

Fake Name Generator Name, address, mother's maiden name, visa card number...

Feaths Random generators including character, plots, and quotes.

A Gadzillion Things To Think About Sometimes all you need to do is to ask the right question. Here is a pretty big directory of questions. No answers--just questions.


Hatch's Plot Bank over 2000 scenarios designed to help novel, short story, movie, television, play, and video game writers develop new plot ideas.

Hubspot Blog Title Generator gives you 5 titles to work from after entering 3 nouns describing your writing assignment.

Language is a Virus Overcome writer's block with these computer generated texts.

The Nightmare Room Find and click on the teachers link to access the pdf file geared for grades 3-8 but useful for adults who want to learn how to generate writing ideas for writing fiction to getting your work published. Save this useful handout to a folder on your computer. Requires Adobe Acrobat.

Seventh Sanctum Story line, character, villainous plot, B-movie title generator just to list a few.

The Story A Day Writers Kit is a structured approach. This page gives you plenty of topics to write about.

Story Starter Story starters for children’s language arts. Sometimes if you start from the beginning...

Story Starter Provides 298 million creative ideas for writers of all ages.

Free Outlining & Mind-maps

Google Docs which is an online word processor which has a pretty good voice to text app free with Google Chrome to record my thoughts as I struggled to write a "Go Fund Me Page" on FaceBook. Like OCR, voice to text is imperfect but it helps conquer the blank page wiping out any thought I might of wrote before confronted by that blank page. Obliviously I'll have to cut and paste my copy to my word processor to clean it up and refine my prose for Facebook from Chrome or some other browser when I'm ready to publish my plea for help. Google Doc mic was more accurate when using the PC microphone, but the laptop has a built in microphone that's less intimidating to talk into.

yEd Live an on-line java based app that allows you quickly and effectively create or import high-quality diagrams. While a desktop version for Windows, Mac OS X, Unix/Linux are available if needed or preferred, the online version lets you work together no matter what system you use.

Word Inspiration Free Software

(Windows programs-- it will work if your modem is dead.)

Outlines Notes and Brainstorming Freeware

(One or two software programs should do it. I prefer Argumentative but friends swear by The Literary Machine. The best program allows you to complete whatever accomplishment in a way you can cope with.)

Argumentative Visually map out your stand on any subject. A plus for plotting out editorials, essays, and mystery plots. Exports to MS Word and Power Point. 32 bit Windows.

The Guide an open source program that helps organize thoughts, ideas, info, notes and ideas in a hierarchical, tree-like structure. Exports to rtf. Windows 2000 and upwards- XP, 2003, 2008, Vista.

Free Mind Essay writing and brainstorming outlining software. Works with Windows, Macs and Linux operating systems.

The Literary Machine Freeware that helps you organize random notes and ideas for analysis and future reference. Works with Windows NT, 2000, or XP.

Tree Pad Lite A personal data base with spell check, bible study and novel writing templates. Windows, Mac, Linux and Java versions.

TreeDBNotes Freeware version stores and represents your information in a comfortable and clear tree-structured form. Full text and paragraph formatting functions like in WordPad. Import and export from and to txt, wri, rtf, Excel, Word, and html. Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/2000.

Inspirational and organizational commercial solution

WriteItNow Free demo features allows you to view sample stories, create characters, names, titles and ideas but won't let you save anything. You must download the demo before registering the full $40 version. It allows you to save your work, spell check, format your novel in RFT format, and record your submissions.

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